Looking for a Job in the Atheist Movement? July 1, 2011

Looking for a Job in the Atheist Movement?

The Secular Student Alliance has two job openings:

  • Event Specialist — This position involves a lot of (SSA-paid) travel!
  • Alumni Director — This position involves engaging and keeping track of secular students after they graduate!

Both positions are full-time and based out of the SSA offices near Columbus, Ohio. Applications are due in mid-July (click on the links for more details).

On a personal note: the staff is incredible and you’d be helping a great cause in a growing movement. Good luck if you apply!

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  • Jessica Miller

    I wish I could – if anyone knows of any similar openings in the Tampa, FL area (esp. USF), I’m all for it!

  • Jessica

    Soooooo who has a job in the atheist movement for me in Chicago?

    Seriously, though.

  • Michael Rosch

    Soooooo who has a job in the atheist/secular movement for me in NYC?

    My educational and employment background is in media and I’ve worked in television, print media, and advertising. One thing these organizations desperately need is a PR and media guy to tell them that a particular billboard campaign is promoting the wrong message and will backfire, that there is such a thing as bad publicity, and that they should resist the temptation to grab any press they can get while doing their best to limit exposure to news stories where they’re the hero or at least the victim. For instance, Hemant’s recent charity campaign to remove the graffiti from the church was a genius move that made national news while turning the atheists from the villains into the heroes of the story. That’s the kind of forward thinking we need to be doing far more often.

  • Pamela

    And me in Florida? Seriously also.

  • Michael D

    I was skimming up the article list and just read evil mathteacher agenda when i glanced at the jobs and for a second there I read “evil specialist”. I can’t tell you how sad I was when I reread that v.v

  • Canada

    Except for the whole ‘Ohio’ part, it sounds cool
    Any such thing through UW(isconsin)?
    Would even do it part time as a volunteer

  • Silent Service

    My wife would love to have any job the SSA will pay her to to. The Commute from Dayto will suck though.

  • Silent Service

    Damn, dropped the n from Dayton. Went to edit it just seconds after posting and it says I don’t have permission to edit my own post. What’s up with that?

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