Camels With Hammers Interviews Richard Wade July 1, 2011

Camels With Hammers Interviews Richard Wade

This is the day for interviews.

Daniel Fincke, who writes the always interesting and challenging blog Camels With Hammers recently interviewed me via instant messaging for a few evenings. He will be publishing it in installments over the next several days.

You can read the first installment here, where he asks me about my background, the development of my atheism, and how the Ask Richard column got started.

In the next section he will ask me about anger in families divided over religion, and I also talk about effectively communicating with theists.

Future installments, probably one each day, will include:
Atheism and Religions As Bases For Identities

How Atheists Should Respond to Alcoholics Anonymous, and How Personal Values Influence Professional Therapy
The Ethics of Lying To Stay In A Protective Closet
How Atheists Should Confront And Replace Religions
Whether Believers and Non-Believers Should Avoid Marrying Each Other
Whether Believers Are Literally Deluded
Mistakes Atheists Make

Dan asks wonderfully evocative questions and he had me working hard, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whether or not you agree with some of the things I say, I think the interview will stimulate some useful thinking as well as positive dialogues between people.

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