Christians: What Do You Want to Ask An Atheist? June 30, 2011

Christians: What Do You Want to Ask An Atheist?

My friend Rachel Held Evans, who wrote the awesome book Evolving in Monkey Town, is embarking on a project where her fellow Christians can ask a guest from a different background (Mormon, Orthodox Jew, etc.) whatever questions they want, and the guest will respond to the most popular questions the following week.

I’m happy to be the first guest and Christians are welcome to submit their questions for me on her site… BRING IT!

*Hemant puts on boxing gloves…*

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  • Trace

    I thought Mormons were Christian, are they not?

  • Valdyr

    If there is no God, then who was phone?

  • jenea

    In the very first question: “survival of the fittest worldview.”


  • MikeW

    Trace, in my experience Christians seem to think that every other sect of Christianity is batshit insane, despite the fact that they all believe in Jesus. Specifically Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses tend to get branded as cults, as if the rest of them don’t fall under that definition as well.

    I know, I don’t get it either.

  • Are we allowed to answer the questions posed on her website or should we leave them all for you? I find it awesome to find christians with an intellect who are open minded and want to learn.

  • Gordon

    I’m confused, do we all pitch in answering these questions or leave it all to Hemant?

    Origin of morality, Pascal’s Wager, Do you wish there was a god,

    the only good question so far is the one about what would be good evidence of a god!

  • Iason Ouabache

    I so desperately want to go over there and answer some of those questions but I’ll leave it up to you. They are your questions, not mine.

  • I agree with several of the above commenters. Some of those questions look like a lot of fun to respond to! I look forward to reading your answers, Hemant.

  • @Gordon

    The question about how he likes his babies cooked is also a good one.

    I’m hoping for some recipes.

  • @David

    Yea I noticed that one too, especially funny since it was a reverend asking it, but then again he did it with tongue in cheek. 🙂

  • @Trace:

    Check out

    It explains the differences between Mormons and Christians. 🙂

  • Rich Wilson

    I couldn’t help ‘answering’ one but now I’m kinda wishing I hadn’t. I do feel the tongue biting need to respect their space. It’s for Christians to ask questions. I’m tempted to ask a slight variation of what others have asked “What for you is the most compelling argument in favor of a higher power?”

    But, it’s their space. But I’m hoping Hemant will answer some variation of that.

    I do hope it’s ok if we vote on the questions. Like the “What do you wish Christians knew about atheists”. C’mon, you HAVE to take that one!!!

  • Claudia

    Gahhhh it is so tempting to go in and answer a bunch of those questions, but I’ll just let you blow them out of the park.

    I will say that it seems like a great site for these sorts of things. People are very respectful and are asking questions that actually seem sincerely directed at understanding atheism and atheists better, and not “questions” meant to tear down and ridicule. Even the questions about morality are constructed in such a way as to make clear they are not doubting yours. I would highly reccommend that everyone go over there and scan the questions. Most of them are easy, but some of them require thought (or have answers that are not easily described) and I think (almost) all of them are well worth having answers to.

  • Trace

    MikeW and Leia, thanks!

  • Lazarus Long

    Wait, how do you type with boxing gloves on?

  • DataJack

    These look like they are going to fun (and frustrating) to answer. Good luck, dude.

  • Heh! I’m with a lot of you – I’d be more than happy to chime in, but while I think different perspectives aren’t a bad thing to have, I suspect it would turn into more of a shambles than a worthwhile discussion if we did so.

    Then again, I maintain a page dedicated to this, inspired by the student organizations back in April, so I’m open for crossovers 😉

  • Matt H

    Wait, how do you type with boxing gloves on?

    Voice to text. 😛

  • Hi Hemant … I just added your site to my feed list after Rachel’s post today. I can’t speak for anyone else on Rachel’s site, but I would enjoy hearing people’s answers to some/all of the questions. Maybe, after the official question/answer session, Rachel and Hemant can set up a post where the atheists here can answer our questions. Then, maybe we can answer some of yours (assuming you’d be interested in that).

    Thanks … great site.
    -The Sasquatch

  • Claudia

    @The Sasquatch, that’s an excellent idea, I hope they take you up on it! I can think of plenty of questions I’d like to ask thoughtful Christians, and Rachel’s blog seems well populated with them.

  • Gordon

    Thanks Sasquatch, I think a lot of us on this side have heard most of the questions before and would have plenty of answers.

  • @The Sasquatch

    That sounds great!

  • Sounds like fun! Let us know if there’s an opportunity for the rest of us to answer some of these questions in a subsequent post.

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