American Atheists Accepts the Meme June 27, 2011

American Atheists Accepts the Meme

Reddit readers will love this. Everyone else can just skip this post.

Dave Silverman, president of American Atheists, just added a sticker to the front door of AA’s offices:

I love how he’s accepted the fact that his face is now a popular online meme.

In case you’re unaware, it stems from his infamous appearance on The O’Reilly Factor:

It’s nice to have a organization leader who’s Internet savvy and knows how to take the gesture in good humor.

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  • bigjohn756

    Unfortunately, the sticker looks more like Wayne Newton than Dave.

  • mthrnite

    Can an Advice Dog variant be far behind?

  • BEX

    He should feel complimented.

  • I’ve often wondered how many of those who spread the meme have any idea who it is, or what he represents.

    Anyway, excellent work David Silverman.

  • I want a sticker of this…

  • abadidea

    Slugsie, I’ve seen many people use the image and every one of them clearly understood it was the Atheist Face.

    Granted, that’s almost exclusively on reddit, which is where the meme came from.

    (You can’t explain that.)

  • Rainne


  • What about the female version? Who does it belong to?

  • NotYou007

    So where can I purchase one of these stickers for my automobile?

    Dong!!! Dong!!!! Where is my automobile?

    In case you don’t get it.

  • jenea

    I really love him for embracing this meme–and all its variants (the female version, the Mandelbrot version, etc.).

    You go, David Silverman!

  • Peter Mahoney

    I am a fan of David Silverman and the awesome media coverage he has obtained (along with growing the rosters of members at American Atheists).

    If I had to summarize Silverman’s look in this snapshot, it would be “INCREDULOUS“, which is perfect. Whether it’s Bill OReilly saying he doesn’t understand how the sun could go up and down without his god…. or someone saying that 2000 years ago a Jewish guy “died for my sins” (what the heck does that MEAN?)… or someone talking about life after death… I have the same reaction… INCREDULOUS.

  • Dan

    Wow, nice mug. They should put it in shirts like Che or Mao. 🙂

  • Larry Meredith

    why wouldn’t he take it in good humor? It’s not like the meme was made to mock him. It was made to mock O’Reilly and anyone else saying unimaginably stupid things. If there was a meme of the look on my face when I heard something ridiculous I’d be pretty proud of it too.

  • Beriaal


  • made of Awesome. i want one. i will pay money for it. maybe with the “atheist A” attached somewhere, for clarity for those who don’t watch TV, like me.

  • Robert L.

    Whoa. I’m one of those who visits Cheezburger and other meme sites regularly, and up till now I never knew it was such a famous atheist behind the pic. Or that it was related to that absurd O’Reilly meme. Well, the Internet (or at least the fun part of the Internet) certainly is supportive of atheism, I see.

  • Robert: You’re not alone. I’m not a Reddit user, but I’ve seen the picture on memebase enough to recognize it, but never knew where it came from until now.

    I always loved that look, and now I love it even more!

  • Arturo Aponte

    Hahaha! Woot! I love that “Are you serious?” face. Way to be a meme-love, David. Good to know you’re so cool about this.

  • Rich h

    Well, he did better at understanding memes than these people did…

  • Dan B

    Door goes open. Door goes closed. Nobody knows why…

  • Anonymous

    Brain turns off… mouth turns on… and no one can explain the reason why.

  • Sami

    Here’s the thing…I’m, generally speaking, an Atheist…but I HATE that guy…He’s honestly going around and telling people “You’re complete IDIOTS, and I’m always right about this. Trust me, Atheists are awesome!” and fact is, that’s just forcing us legions back…We’re trying to show we’re not these evil people, and that we are just people who believe different things. Yes ,we have scientific evidence and data to back it up, but that doesn’t mean we need to be assholes about it…David Silverman really is NOT the leader I would want. Richard Dawkins is awesome, and he is actually rather passive-agressive. He writes books and does good work for our community. Let’s see more of him, an intelligent, well-spoken man lead us, and not some idiot who is just forcing his ways into other people’s faces…It’s only getting us the WRONG attention.

  • Haden Modisett

    Heh I like how you are talking about Richard Dawkins in a reply to a meme-related post, as Richard Dawkins coined the term, “Meme.”

  • Patrick G

    Hey everybody, it’s Bill O’reilly!!!

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