Sign Up for Vancouver’s SkeptiCamp June 26, 2011

Sign Up for Vancouver’s SkeptiCamp

A number of SkeptiCamps have popped up over the past few years — it’s a day-long, community-organized event where people give short talks on whatever skeptically-related subject they’re passionate about. Kind of like a fast-paced version of TED Talks.

One’s taking place in Vancouver, Canada on Saturday, August 6th — it’s actually their fifth year of the event. Admission is free and a limited number of speaking slots are still open so sign up to speak or watch!

(via Canadian Atheist)

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  • CanadianChick

    I’m sure we kind find a slot for you Hemant – you KNOW you want to vacation out here. I’ll even give up my tentative slot to you!!

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