How to Sin as a Christian June 26, 2011

How to Sin as a Christian

Edward Current offers up the Christian’s Guide to Sinning:

Makes sense: if Jesus died for your sins and the Bible says we’re all sinners, you’d be crazy not to sin.

So get out there and make Jesus’s sacrifice worthwhile!

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  • Isn’t that the reasoning Rasputin used, to get noble Russian women to ‘sin’ with him? That they had to sin like nobody’s business first, so they could be forgiven for it?

  • Melissa

    If you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing 😉

  • William

    Brilliant! Jesus died so I could spill my seed into a deceased child.

  • @william er… dude… seriously…

    As to the post/video, Jesus Christ I love Christian logic! Win! Everywhere!

  • June Wanja

    it makes sense but still….why keep on sinning

  • Bones

    But I don’t want to spill my seed into a deceased child. Are there less creepy ways to sin?

  • gski

    Ed’s video comes down on the faith side of the faith vs. acts way of getting into heaven. I contend that any christian that believes your faith will get you into heaven, thus the way you live your life is not important, has no superiority when it comes to morality. Their questioning of an atheists’ morality is ridiculous.

  • The bible has passages about getting to heaven by faith alone as well as by acts. It all depends on which passages the Christian CHOOSES to pay attention to.

    I liked the background music.

  • Erin Palmer

    The elevator music was the iceing on the sinner’s cake.

  • Christians have a limitless line of sin/credit to use thanks to Jeebus.

  • I’ve also written a response to this article @

  • T-Rex

    Umm, what sacrifice? He sacrificed himself to…himself and then was resurrected after only 3 days. That’s no sacrifice.

  • Pierrot

    I’m with gski and Jeff P… I actually heard somebody say “As a christian, my salvation does not depend on my behavior”! Makes me wanna puke…

  • But you forget that every time we sin, God kills a kitten. You don’t hate kittens, do you Hemant?

  • Rabid

    But I don’t want to spill my seed into a deceased child. Are there less creepy ways to sin?

    Er… a live child?

    Fuck me, I think we just performed a historical reenactment of the formation of the Holy RCC…

  • Nobody

    OMG!!!! Jeeesusss!! Holy crap! Damn, even my swearwords were created by Xians! I’m doomed!

  • Yoav

    His ability to make fundies (who often lack any sense of humor or the ability to recognize a parody) explode is probably why Edward Current is plutonium on the periodic table of Atheists.

  • Rich Wilson

    This was a point Bernard Shaw made in

    Some of the Christians in the play were Christian because it allowed them to do whatever they wanted, so long as they asked forgiveness before dying.

    None of the Christians I know think you can get by without doing the right thing. At least within their parameters of what they think is right. We might disagree on what ‘right’ is, but at least they don’t think they can get away with stealing just because they’ve been baptized.

    When was the last time a Christian asked you how you could have any morales, since morales obviously come from God? Isn’t this the same kind of thing? How can you have any morales if your God forgives anything and everything?

    (sorry Hemant if this is a dupe, I’ve been having mixed luck with posts, ok 3rd try without the link)

  • Umm.. hate to break it to you, but the apostle Paul kind of answered this one a couple of millenia ago (Romans 6 in case you were wondering).

  • Atheistically Yours

    Dear Friendly Atheist,

    I have committed an UNFORGIVEABLE SIN, but “blaspheming” the “holy spirit” (whatever the fuck that is!), AND drawing a picture of the PROFIT “MO-HOM-ID! Am I a good sinner?


    Atheistically Yours. . . .

  • 1. No cat this video, whoah!

    2. Great video, as always!

    3. No Edward Current sighting in this video, whoah!

    4. Maybe he’ll play another song for us in his next video?

    5. Checkmate, Christians!!

  • Anthony

    What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? – Romans 6:1-2

    Christians might act the way Current is putting it, but it’s not Christian teaching. Just saying.

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