FreeOK: The Oklahoma Freethought Convention June 26, 2011

FreeOK: The Oklahoma Freethought Convention

On Saturday, July 30th, atheists are gathering in Tulsa for the Oklahoma Freethought Convention (called FreeOK).

Speakers currently include Matt Dillahunty, AronRa, and The Thinking Atheist.

You can RSVP here — tickets are $10. Bring friends! When you’re in the Bible Belt, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to meet several atheists in one place — but this is one of them. Take advantage of it!

(Thanks to William for the link)

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  • Roland Hendrikson

    I see you are still calling this blog the Friendly Atheist.

    And yet you admitted some time ago that does not apply.

    You’rs anything but friendly, Mehta.

    To continue under that name is a LIE.

  • Steve

    I thought it was kinda funny that this post showed up in my RSS feed just before a news article about an Oklahoma murder suspect escaping …coincidence???? 😛

  • My wife is due on Aug. 2 for our first child… talk about timing. Crap! (Keep in mind of course, i’d very much rather be at my kids birth… but still, very few opportunities in the bible belt for these conventions).

  • Rjlupin

    With all there is to look at on the internet why choose something you don’t like? I think some one likes being miserable!

  • Tenley

    I don’t even…what?

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