The Tutor Teaches More Bible Verses June 25, 2011

The Tutor Teaches More Bible Verses

The Tutor is back and she’s teaching Bible verses from Leviticus, Timothy, and Revelation… to senior citizens (“they have so little time left… it’s like throwing a Hail Mary pass to get them into Heaven!”):

(via HighpantsResistance)

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  • Peter Mahoney

    Quoting the bible is a great way to point out to believers that their book is bullshit.

  • Justin P.

    These videos are extra amazing because of the tutor. Yeeeeep.

  • NotYou007

    Not a very flattering shot of her forehead there. I know not everyone has perfect skin but damn. I could have connected the dots.

    I still think she is hot though and I love her videos.

  • HolyTroller

    Yeah the tutor is really hot, I wonder if she can tutor me on “Revelations”…

  • Yowza she is hot! Good video too, thanks for posting it.

  • Ibis

    Five responses. Four sexist assholes. What is it with your site today, Hemant? They’re coming out of the woodwork.

  • NotYou007

    I’m not a sexist asshole. She is cute and has a nice set of legs. What is so horrible about finding a woman attractive?

  • Ibis

    Here. Read this for a start. And the comments here. If you still need further explanation, let me know. (P.S. both of these posts are talking about atheists/skeptics as a community but the sentiment applies equally to society at large.)

  • NotYou007

    So Ibis as a man that is bi-sexual would you have cared if I said he is cute and has nice legs?

    I prefer women and I find this woman cute and she has nice legs. What you posted is not going to stop me from saying so. If you don’t like it that is fine with me but I’m not going to stop stating a woman is cute and has nice legs because it upsets you.

  • Ibis

    If you don’t want to be called a sexist asshole, you can always stop being one. If you still think you aren’t one, you’re mistaken (try reading those links I provided). If you don’t give a shit about being a sexist asshole that’s fine, but maybe you should consider not spewing your crap where other people might notice.

  • NotYou007

    Boo Hoo!!!

  • llewelly

    June 25th, 2011 at 7:48 pm :

    Not a very flattering shot of her forehead there. I know not everyone has perfect skin but damn. I could have connected the dots.
    I still think she is hot though and I love her videos.

    The video is about her ideas. Yet you comment on her body, spreading the cultural message that women are valued for there looks first, and their other qualities second. It shows that you place primary importance on her sex appeal to you – someone she may not care for, and may not know anything of.

    It’s a standard hardly anyone applies to men, but is applied to women all the time.

    It implicitly devalues women who have not done well in the genetic and cultural lottery that plays such a strong role in looks, leaving them less able to succeed on the merits they have worked hard to develop.
    It devalues women who choose to spend their time and energy learning science and reason rather than makeup and fashion.
    And it tells women who are both beautiful and intelligent, that the latter is worthy only of an afterthought.

    June 25th, 2011 at 9:35 pm :

    … as a man that is bi-sexual would you have cared if I said he is cute and has nice legs?

    This kind of thinking carries embedded in it the false assumption that men and women have equivalent social positions. That’s clearly wrong; in most lines of work, a man’s sexual appeal has little effect on his income, benefits, or chances of promotion. Yet for women, sex appeal plays a strong role, including in careers where the woman is not an entertainer of any kind.

    An ugly man with funny and compelling arguments for atheism can confidently assume he’ll be judged primarily on his arguments, while an ugly woman will be reminded, with every comment like yours, that many people are just looking for feminine eye candy, and will move on if they don’t find it.

  • Lady Rain

    Thank you Ibis and llewelly. I agree.

  • April

    Exactly. Thank you.

    If “The Tutor” were a man, it is unlikely that anyone would’ve commented on his “hotness” (possible, but unlikely–especially on this blog). If he had any facial blemishes, it’s HIGHLY unlikely anyone would’ve noticed.

  • carlie

    Jen McReight just talked about this at length, referring to the same kind of discussion by Rebecca Watson. And it’s by far not the first time it’s come up.

    The short version is: if videos/posts by women are always accompanied by comments about how they look, an awful lot of other women are going to avoid any type of commenting in that same group because they don’t want their looks to be commented on. It both stifles contribution and is just dammned annoying to put up with.

    Even shorter version: no, lots of women don’t think it’s a compliment to hear what you personally think about their bodies, whether positive or negative.

  • HolyTroller


    The video is about her ideas.

    And I’m sure that it’s mere coincidence that the creators of this video cast an incredibly attractive woman as the Tutor and dressed her up in a CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL UNIFORM. Oh and I’m sure the fact that the last 10 seconds of this video are nothing but a shot of her LEGS AND ASS was an editing oversight.

  • Pierrot

    Justin Bieber is going to hell because of his haircut… And that’s in the first 30 secs haven’t watched the rest yet! There are some scary people out there. 🙁

  • Pierrot

    Hey I thought this was serious it’s not! Still, some people scare me! According to the bible, Justin Bieber should go to hell!

  • Ibis

    @HollyTroller Okay, so in order not to be treated as a piece of meat, she ought to dress in a burkah, cuz you know, menz can’t be held responsible for what they do or say. Their dicks are just too powerful. And it’s all the wimminz fault anyway. Grow up.

  • Surgoshan

    As the Bible is a misogynistic hellhole that views women literally as objects, the property of their closest living male relative, I’m certain that casting an attractive woman in the role of The Tutor and costuming her as a stereotyped object of lust was not an accident.

    However, while you might expect to find comments solely about her appearance on YouTube, I’d expect better of the people who come to the friendly atheist.

  • Andrew Dice Clay

    Commenting on someone’s looks makes you a sexist asshole? Seems like not too long ago a dude had to work a lot harder than that to be worthy of so much ire.

  • NotYou007

    If a few of you want to think I’m a sexist asshole who degrades women because I made a comment about her looks, you are the one that has issues, not me.

    Even babies prefer to stare at a person that is good looking. That is 100% fact as studies have been done on it.

    Some of you are reading into a simple comment way to deeply.

  • Joolz

    Oh not again. I’m a woman and I didn’t find the comments about the video remotely sexist. I saw them as completely normal. Men are, more often than not, visual creatures, so they comment on the visuals they see. They (men) are also not stupid so they also comment on the content of the video.

    The one thing I have never seen (read) is “She’s just a woman. She’s not allowed to say that.” That’s the thing that would bother me.


  • Daniel

    I’m not trying to defend my friend in the video or something, but I have to say that your comment was indeed quite sexist.
    That video has actual content which you should be more considered with.
    The ‘asshole’ part comes in when you’ve using the internet as a mask to say these thing. Try saying this things in real life and you would hear “eww loser”, at the very least.

  • NotYou007

    Did you miss the part about me saying I love her videos?

  • Michael

    True story for you:

    A group of us were in a conference room with a female professor who asked if anyone had feedback about a male guest lecturer who had visited us a few weeks previously. When none was forthcoming she tried to remind us, she described his build, his clothes, his hair, his face…

    Eventually, sat very near to her, I quietly murmered “Some might say you’re letting your gender down right now.” – she broke off and stared at me and, in a more natural, conversational voice I asked “So what did he talk about?”

    Had it been gender-flipped, a male professor only describing a visiting female lecturer by physical appearance, you would expect him to be labelled a sexist asshole. As she was a woman nobody got angry at all. You may draw your own conclusions.

  • Surgoshan

    I’m a heterosexual male, and part of that means I rally like boobs. They’re among my top ten favorite things. (Slots four and seven)

    When I meet a woman, one of the first things I notice about her is her boobs. This makes me a healthy heterosexual male.

    I don’t stare at them. That makes me a *polite* heterosexual male.

    I don’t comment on them. That makes me not an asshole.

    I don’t reduce her to nothing but her boobs. I actually engage her in conversation and respect what she has to say. That makes me not a sexist asshole.

    Imagine: A minor crisis forces you and several others to stay after hours at work and to call others back to work. A female colleague walks in wearing a sexy little black dress. You compliment her on her looks.

    Compare: A normal work day, your female colleague walks in dressed normally for the work day. You compliment her on her appearance.

    In the first case she has clearly gone to a great deal of effort (a LBD is never worn without careful attention to hair and makeup) and is outside a normal work scenario. A compliment on her looks can be appropriate. In the second, she’s dressed and managed her appearance for part of the work environment and a comment on her appearance would be inappropriate, unless you all regularly walk around saying things like, “Loving the polo, Dave! Shows off the delts! Do up another button and let those bad boys POP!”

    Context is always important, and in this case her appearance has been selected and managed so as to contrast her youth and personality (bubbly and positive) against the horrific things she’s saying (you’re going to be damned for all eternity for having been born a Jew). This isn’t a beauty pageant, but a dark satirical look at the Bible. The appropriate comment would be to respond (whether positively or negatively) to the video’s message, not the physique of the woman within.

    The schoolgirl outfit may have been chosen deliberately as a comment. A casual reading of the Bible suggests that it is a little bit deeply and unapologetically misogynistic from end to end. In the Bible, women are nothing but chattel property, for the purpose of making babies. And sin. From the same act. They are objects of lust, and thus this young woman has been clad as a stereotypical object of lust. Or I might be reading too much into it.

  • Andrew Dice Clay

    I’m a heterosexual male, and part of that means I rally like boobs.

    Sounds like my kind of rally.

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