‘Faith-Healing’ Parents of Alayna May Wyland Sentenced to Prison June 24, 2011

‘Faith-Healing’ Parents of Alayna May Wyland Sentenced to Prison

The parents of Alayna May Wyland had a sentencing hearing this morning in Oregon City.

In case you don’t remember, Rebecca and Timothy Wyland are the people who, when their daughter had an “abnormal growth of blood vessels that covered her left eye,” decided to pray for her instead of taking her to the nearest doctor.

This was the result:

For letting that happen, and because they have no prior convictions, they’re getting the maximum allowable punishment:

[They] were sentenced today in Clackamas County circuit court to 90 days in jail and three years probation.

Clackamas County Circuit Judge Jeffrey S. Jones also required Timothy and Rebecca Wyland to notify the probation department when spiritual healing methods are used.

“Your prayers should complement not compete with proper medical care,” Judge Jones said.

Jones also required the Wylands to:

  • Comply with all medical recommendations of the doctors treating Alayna;
  • Notify the probation department of all scheduled medical appointments for Alayna and prove they attended the appointments;
  • Inform probation officers of any significant injury suffered by any child in their care.

For those of you concerned about the now 18-month-old Alayna, you’ll be happy to know she’s doing better:

She has since improved under court-ordered care and remains under state supervision, placed with her parents.

Alayna arrived at the courthouse with her parents, wearing a polka dot dress. The hemangioma was noticeable above her left eye but greatly reduced in size. Alayna held a couple of small stuffed animal toys as she was held by Rebecca before proceedings began.

For the sake of other kids who belong to the messed-up Followers of Christ church like the Wylands, I hope this punishment sends a message that the safety of children cannot come second to a “cure from God.”

Medical experts know far more than church leaders do, and if it’s not your life on the line, you have no right to put someone else’s suffering in the hands of Dr. God, who isn’t credentialed and isn’t even listening to your concerns.

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  • Fiddler

    While I’m sad that they continue to have custody of the child and barely face time in jail, I’m glad that a message is being sent.

  • abadidea

    I hope it gets into their heads somehow that their baby did not see any improvement UNTIL SHE SAW A DOCTOR. Their god did nothing whatsoever to help.

    I wonder if she is going to a relative or to foster care for the 90 days Mommy and Daddy will be cooling it. Obviously they weren’t doing a very good job for her, but frequently changing caretakers is not good for a young child either.

  • God dammit Hemant, how many times are we going to see this picture? We’re not the ones who need to be convinced faith healing is morally bankrupt for children 😛

  • Timothy

    The jail time is sufficient, but I feel that the two morons need to be further shamed some how, really make hit home that there religious fucknuttery is no longer going to be tolerated.

  • maria

    please, dont show that picture anymore, we already know about the case and that any type of faith healing can be dangerous

  • Daniel Miles

    I wonder what the legal precedent this sets for parents who don’t seek medical care for their children because they can’t afford it? Or for parents who do/don’t elect “unnecessary” medical procedures for their kids (circumcision, ingrown-toe surgery, etc.)?

  • Thorny

    wait, do they actually still get to keep the child or have i misread it? Being put into an orphanage may not be the best for a child but i am willing to bet they will be better off than religious nuts for parents who have already proved they are incompetent.

  • RyaB

    I don’t think this punishment is sufficient. They risked far too much with their child, and deserve something worse.

  • Trace

    ugh….Sadly some will cry, persecution and Nanny State. I guess no one chooses their parents…

  • Mel

    I personally know a couple that years ago let there 4 year old daughter die from appendicitis because they did not believe in doctors…only faith healing. They would not even take aspirin because they thought that demons were in the pills. This was in Portland, Oregon and I can never figure out why nothing ever happened to them. They had like 7 kids already.

  • My Grandaughter had the same thing in her left eye, with lazer surgery and follow up she is fine and can see out of her eye. Shame on you faith healers!

  • Vanessa

    But their prayers worked – she’s getting better! XP

  • 90 days?

    Not enough for these monsters. They don’t deserve to have kids, as they are clearly DELIBERATELY NEGLIGENT.

    Give ’em life, no parole, and send the kid to people who will keep her safe.

  • Bacopa

    I think life no parole is a bit extreme. We need a moderate deterrent here. Jail time and the full shaming of gross pictures on the internet will be enough.

    And how about prosecuting the healers as well as the parents? False advertising? Fraud? seems hike there’s lots of ways to go here.

  • Audrey Le Fleur

    Putting this child into the already grossly overburdened Oregon foster care system sounds like a good idea to some of you? Her parents obviously made a terrible choice in not seeking medical care. The state stepped in and will see to it she is properly cared for by medical professionals. Her parents are likely not the monsters you’d like to believe they are. I imagine they love their little girl very much. I’m glad they are being punished, but they were/are likely victims of their own experiences and upbringing. Hopefully they’ve learned a lesson, but causing further emotional distress to this little girl by placing her in foster care serves no one.

  • Jeff

    It’s not enough that they are going to indoctrinate the child before she can think for herself, they deny her medical care in the long shot hope that their prayers are the ones that god just happens to answer.

    It’s likely they will twist it to say it was some sort of test by god and the only reason she healed was because they passed the test.

    I am glad she is doing better and I hope it heals up good but she still deserves some parents that aren’t completely insane.

  • Timmy

    Dean I went to your web site and found this blatant lie in the comments. Also I noticed you have not called this person on their lie.

    Dilys says:
    June 25, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    I totally agree with the statement made by the judge: medical healing complements spiritual healing. There is no doubt that our God is a healing God. Nothing is impossible for Him. Nothing. But that doesn’t mean that He hasn’t provided medical treatment, doctors, nurses… They’re a gift from God too. Trusting in Him means looking for the subtle hints too in the amazing, miraculous world He has created around us!

    The judge did not say anything remotely equal to that. And because you have not called out a lie on your site, you are a hypocrite. The very epitome of why many loathe religion.

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