Register for Skepticon IV June 17, 2011

Register for Skepticon IV

Skepticon IV is taking place November 19th – 20th in Springfield, Missouri and registration is now open! If you’re going, sign up so they have an idea of the numbers and can get an appropriate venue.

The conference brings in amazing speakers and it’s free of charge. This year’s roster hasn’t been released yet, but I have word that a certain bearded biologist and a couple awesome skeptical women will be present…

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  • Denis Robert

    As I said on Pharyngula: It’s in Missouri, damn it. I wouldn’t be caught dead entering that cesspool of a State.

  • Anna

    I recommend this conference – it is FREE! A very economical way to hang out with a large group of freethinkers and hear from a wide range of skeptic/atheist writers and thinkers. Last year’s conference was a lot of fun and I expect this year to be even bigger. People came from all over the country, even Cananda.

  • Yui

    I’m considering going, but I have to get evidence that it’s actually happening first. [/skeptijoke]

  • Nakor

    I’d love to go to one of these one day, but that’s rather far to travel from Vancouver during the school year, and not far before winter semester exams. Alas.

    Will you be there/be covering the conference on this blog?

  • Mari

    I’m thinking this is definitely on the calender. Now if only I could find someone to go with…

  • cut.throat.jane


    You didn’t go last year and you aren’t even that far. I am disappoint.

    (Hemant says: I had coaching obligations last year that prevented me from going anywhere between November and February. And actually, I am pretty far away…)

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