Atheism: Not Just For White People June 17, 2011

Atheism: Not Just For White People

The Dallas/Fort Worth Coalition of Reason has embarked on a project to let people know there is diversity within our movement. Atheism isn’t just a belief held by a bunch of older white guys. There are young people, women, people of color, people who are LGBT, etc. who don’t believe in god!

They’ve put together this website to profile a few of the people on their Diversity Council (Disclosure: I’m in the mix).

“Since the days of Frederick Douglass, atheists of color have been a vital if often overlooked part of America’s secular heritage,” said Zachary Moore, Coordinator of the DFWCoR. “But today, though prominent celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas openly question the existence of God, atheists of color and those within the LGBT community may not realize that local secular groups are available and seeking to increase their diversity.

Alix Jules, Assistant Coordinator of the DFWCoR, will serve as Chair of the Diversity Council. “Our purpose is to help secular individuals from different backgrounds know that they’re not alone,” Jules noted.

I hope that list grows (and quickly!)… In case you didn’t see it the first time. Greta Christina also has an exhaustive list of minority atheists here.

The way to increase diversity within our movement is for the double minorities to come out of the closet. It makes it that much more acceptable for the next person to follow. Kudos to the people lending their profiles to the cause and let’s see if others can join in!

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  • C. Allen Thompson

    Minorities in the atheist movement have been extremely overlooked, yet, in many ways, the very nucleus of its history. Thanks for the info.

  • B

    I hope you meant “non-exhaustive” 🙂

  • This is a great initiative being undertaken in Texas and it’s great to see the issue receiving our due attention. Not only online and in blogs, but in my face-to-face gatherings with other non-believers, this subject has been a hot topic of conversation.

    For my secular student group, I’m collaborating with one of our members from the school’s Women’s Resource Center on a, “Women of Reason,” tabling display detailing the contributions of atheist women past and present and I hope to expand the concept to other groups under-represented in the atheist community. By exposing them to people they can relate to who are or were atheists, I hope that more women and minorities will feel comfortable coming out as non-believers themselves.

  • Amy

    I’m a woman, an atheist, and a person with disabilities both visible and invisible. I was previously a Christian, the other things remaining the same. Even then, I was told by some that my disabilities would go away if only I had faith. I worry that if I were to be out as an atheist, people would think (and tell me) I deserved my disabilities as punishment for not believing in god. (Ironic. Afaik, I’m an atheist due to the disabling condition no longer enabling me to “understand” nonsense.) I’d like to be out, but I don’t want to be out in a highly visible way. I don’t think I’m up to dealing with that level of bigotry.

  • I never really noticed (until recently) that there was any sort of controversy about racial diversity amongst atheists. Maybe that’s just because my first contact with “organized atheism” (lol) was actually through Hemant, and I found out about guys like Hitchens and Dawkins much later on. But for whatever reason, I’ve never had the impression that there was a problem with the image of diversity.

    *full disclosure: I’m a white guy*

  • @B,

    I checked Greta’s list and it is exhaustive. No one not on that list is both an atheist and a minority. 😉

    Hey Just kidding… T.FSM.I.F.

  • AJ

    I am a black differently-abled (profound hearing loss in one ear, completely deaf in the other) woman. And an atheist. I like to joke that I’m on a mission to cover all the minority bases. 🙂

  • Thegoodman

    I am a typical midwest lower class well educated white dude.

    That being said, I love diversity. This isn’t “our club”, logic and reason are to be controlled by no one and owned by everyone.

  • Romo2Austin

    Old? I feel like most atheists are young.

  • Tom Bourque

    You mean there are minority atheists out there? One of them should start a blog or something! 😉

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