Genesis Makes Complete Sense… June 13, 2011

Genesis Makes Complete Sense…

Cristina offers her interpretation of how the world came to be

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • Greg

    Holy Spirit: “I’m not going to let you nail Jesus to a cross”
    God: “I’ll let you bag a virgin’
    Holy Spirit” “Okay”


  • Roger Hart

    I am in awe. Cristina is superb beyond description. What a phenomenal brain to construct such entertaining videos. Well done, Cristina. Another masterpiece.

  • Dpeabody

    Now that was funny! I usually steer clear of the atheist stuff on YouTube as most of it isn’t anything new if you have been an atheist for years but if her other videos are anywhere near that good I’ll have to find them.

  • Jennifer

    Hilarious! I nearly spit coffee all over the laptop trying to stifle laughter!

  • This was a good one.

    It would also be neat if she did a version about the new Testament with all three characters of the God-head in it. God, holy-spirit, and Jesus. That might be funny (and enlightening). 🙂

  • NotYou007

    The video died at 2:06 here but plays fine on Youtube. Weird!!

    Anyways, she is so damn hot and I love her accent. I enjoyed her video too.

  • Very funny. Of course, she’s talking about a myth and myths aren’t supposed to make sense. They are supposed to tell us something about ourselves from the point of view of the originators. i.e. humans are dirt, always obey those in authority without question, never trust a woman, that kind of stuff.

    Yeah, I think I’ve avoid it.

  • Santiago

    @ Dpeabody: I agree completely. There’s only so many ways to say the same argument and it can quickly get boring unless the point is made in an especially eloquent way. On the other hand satire and making-fun videos like this one are amazing. The Thinking Atheist and NonStampcollector channels spring to mind.

    So yeah, I’d definitely watch more of zomgitscris’ videos if she made more sketches like this one.

  • Chelsea

    Looks very much like the newest Mr Deity video, “Mr Deity and the Days.”

  • Kim

    “They’re idiots!” “Well they were made in your image.” Hilarious

  • Steven

    I’ve always wished that she and The Thinking Atheist would collaborate. Her brain with TTA’s production value… the wonderful things they would create.

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