The Ark Park Shouldn’t Have Government Support June 11, 2011

The Ark Park Shouldn’t Have Government Support

Barry Lynn at Americans United has a quick and amusing explanation of why it’s wrong for the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority to offer more than $40,000,000 in tax rebates for the Creation Museum’s “Ark Encounter” park:

The state has no business funding this nonsense. It’s bad science. And it’s bad religion the same religious crap we’ve grown accustomed to.

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  • Fester

    when you find a way to bring jobs and revenue to your state with a Carl Sagan Amusement Park then we’ll scrap the Ark Park. Until then, deal with it.

  • Gary Pullen

    While I agree in principle, it’s really about the same as the tax breaks afforded Disney. Of course, most people over 6 years old know most Disney stories are fiction. The same can’t be said for the Ark Park. (has a nice ring to it, though)

  • Totally religious, Non historical, Not even American.. why are the taxpayers funding thins again?

  • It’s totally disgusting the way tax money is being sent to support an idiot park endorsing stupid lies and violating the separation of church and state. Boy, Ken Ham has got to be the richest, idiotic liar around.

  • nick

    They are building this joke in my county only a few miles form my house. Most of the backwards thinking people around here are excited because it will bring jobs and help teach the local children about god. This park is going to be about 30 miles from the creation museum basically centering the vortex of uneducated fundamentalist into KY only miles from Cincinnati OH and Lexington KY. Needless to say there is no seperation of church and state around here the schools and city buildings are covered w/ religious symbols. The brand new county courthouse has a masonic lodge symbol on the front steps and a cross inside the door. So when you ask yourself how just remember most of KY is dry and still has snake handlers that happen to be in our govt.

  • NotYou007

    Anyone have a bigfoot?


  • Annie

    So what type of reverend is Barry Lynn? I wonder, only because I like him so much… and I usually don’t like, or at least agree, with reverends.

    I live in Florida, and we don’t have Big Foots down here… we have Skunk apes. Where were the skunk apes? Or perhaps they evolved in a matter of microseconds from the big foots?

  • I was born in KY *hangs head down, so ashamed.

  • EdmondWA

    LOL, bigfoot.

    What I want to know is, did Noah have dodo birds on the ark? Quaggas? Moas? Thylacines? WHY?

  • I love it. Americans United is a great organization, and I’ve always really appreciated what they do.

    @Annie: According to wikipedia, he’s an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. I rarely agree with reverends, either, but there are always exceptions I guess.

  • Bobby

    This makes me embarrassed to be from Kentucky.

  • keddaw

    There are simple questions about whether this should receive state money or not and the historicity and religious goals of the park are not among them.

    Does it pay tax? Yes it does, so it is eligible for public money.

    Will it bring in net revenue to the state? Apparently so, although this appears to have been set a lower bar than any other business in history by not independently checking any of the figures produced by the people building it!

    Does it discriminate in employment policy? Yes it does, so it should not receive public money.

    Basically, this park should be treated by the state like any other tax paying business. It isn’t and that is criminal. Whoever approved this park getting public funds should be at the very least sacked for gross negligence and, at worst, sent to jail for fraud.

  • I thought that Noah’s Ark was supposed to be bigger than that?

    It’s got unicorns. Who doesn’t want a theme park with unicorns? Invisible pink unicorns are my favourite.

  • Northern Kentucky Atheist

    It’s a water park!? Crap. This is going to put the hurt on other area water parks… Coney Island just got its act together a couple years back with the remodel but is still pretty small potatoes. It’s Sunlight Pool is quite lovely. The Beach Water Park could use a kick in the bum what with it’s decrepit slides and peeling paint but I’d take that ANY day over the Ark Park. FundieWorld better not put either existing water park out of business!

  • Sam

    Double standards are being applied. The state denied any kind of tax breaks for Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, and it shut down, losing many jobs here. So why are they giving even bigger breaks to a religious organization that is also an amusement/water park? Seriously, I am embarrassed to tell anyone I live in Kentucky since the Creation Museum, and now even more so…at least I wasn’t born here.

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