I’ll Be Getting the Audiobook… June 11, 2011

I’ll Be Getting the Audiobook…

The cover of Penn Jillette‘s new book is out! It’s called God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales and chapters are broken up into the Penn Commandments (*groan*):

Penn doesn’t do a lot of appearances outside of Las Vegas, but a few of them are already scheduled:

August 16 — Washington, DC — Lisner Auditorium — sponsored by CFI DC

August 17 25 — Corte Madera, CA — Book Passage — sponsored by Book Passage

August 18 — Los Angeles, CA — Writer’s Guild Theatersponsored by Writers Bloc (Tickets are $20)

Hopefully, more events are on the way. There are a bunch of us between the coasts!

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  • Jamie

    I’ll wait for the Kindle edition. Anyways, Penn is awesome.


  • Jamie, I like my Kindle as well, but we need to encourage Borders to put this one on their featured front display for all to see.

    After all, who doesn’t like Penn?

  • I love Penn! I will buy this ASAP

  • Revyloution

    Can’t wait to read this.

    Because Penn is so anti-government control, I will support him by waiting for a pirated version on the internet that I can download for free. After all, why should the Government interfere with peoples rights to copy something?


  • Penn Jillette, a libertarian atheist (or atheist libertarian), as I am.

  • tinker

    Penn-Teller 2012!!

  • Fester

    that is one hell of a shit-eating smile.

  • Libertarian-leaning, atheist.

    Since Jflycn said it, I thought I would speak up as well.

  • NotYou007

    Won’t ship till Oct 18th. I’ll wait till it is released before I order it.

  • I’ve pre-ordered the physical book. So old-fashioned!

  • jrswam

    Also a libertarian atheist (who will be attending Penn’s event in D.C.) I remember from listening to his radio show how disappointed he was in the dvd cover of his movie “The Aristocrats”. This cover more than makes up for it!!

  • DA

    Whoa! Sweet! If Penn wasn’t such an utter asshat, I’d be all over this. Think he’ll pitch another fit over how badly handicapped parking oppresses him?

  • TRex

    Love Penn and Teller. Independant atheist/registered Republican here as long as we’re mentioning it. That way I can vote in the primaries and still feel like I have some semblence of control over the crazy on the Right. But I haven’t voted a REP into office in a very, very long time. I usually just throw my votes away on 3rd party candidates. Atleast I can say I haven’t voted most of the ass hats in office.

  • JJR

    If the audiobook is actually read by the author, I would consider getting it as well.

    I don’t agree with Penn 100%, but the atheist content of his message I completely agree with.

  • Alex

    Love Penn! Saw him and Teller in Toronto last year, they were amazing.
    I’ll definitely be picking up the book =)

  • Freemage

    I love Penn when he’s being funny and informed. I hate it when he decides to treat libertarianism as his own personal religion (it takes faith, in the most literal sense of the word, to believe that all regulation, ever, is a bad thing; he doesn’t even blink at getting into bed with the far right on global climate change denialism).

  • T-Rex

    What of climate change? Do you honestly think there’s anything humans can do to stop it? It’s been happening for as long as the Earth has been around. I’d be more concerned about resources running out. Atleast humans can have an impact on that issue.

  • Freemage

    T-Rex: I think we can:

    1: Do some things to mitigate it. Yes, it’s going to occur anyway, but starting out by trying to see what areas we’re making worse, for us, is simply a matter of enlightened self-interest as a species.

    2: Determine where it’s going to happen anyway, and do solid research to figure out what the effects are likely to be, and thus prepare for it. Watch closely to see what patches of current farmland are likely to be drought- or flood-struck, for instance, and figure out if an effort should be made to open up farming in areas where it’s going to be more fertile in a decade or two.

    That said, I certainly agree with you on ensuring we don’t burn through our resources–Peak Oil’s another biggie that’s coming down the pike, and which libertarianism is woefully ill-equipped to deal with.

  • The audiobook is must for this book.

  • The Penn Jillette event at Book Passage, originally scheduled for August 17, has been changed. Jillette is now set to speak at the San Francisco Bay Area bookstore on Thursday, August 25th at 7 pm.

    Jillette will be on hand to present his new book, “God, No!: Signs You May Already Be An Atheist and Other Magical Tales.” Jillette – one-half of the world-famous Emmy award-winning magic duo Penn & Teller – has written a scathingly funny reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments. Included, not surprisingly, are the author’s own Penn Commandments. A book signing will follow.

    Additional information at http://www.bookpassage.com/event/penn-jillette-god-no-signs-you-may-already-be-atheist-and-other-magical-tales

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