Why Are Atheists Satan Worshipers? June 10, 2011

Why Are Atheists Satan Worshipers?

I’m not playing this old clip from The Atheist Experience because the caller is unbelievably misinformed about atheists.

I’m not playing it because the hosts, Jeff Dee and Russell Glasser, do a nice job of responding to her ignorance.

I’m playing it because the funniest part of the clip is how the host on the right pushes the “mute” button when he wants to correct the caller. I love that button!

Why don’t all the cable news shows make something like that happen?! Turn off the guests’ mics until it’s their turn to speak. Less talking over each other.

More of that, please.

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  • Synapse

    If they honestly made her understand that a preacher lied to her or at minimum was grossly wrong, it very well may have been a tear-worthy moment. Especially if her mind, even for a split second, went to that place – “well what if he’s wrong / lied about other stuff too?”

    Then of course a tidal wave of guilt rushed over her mind and drowned out that thought – saying you’ll burn in hell even for the thought. It’s Satan trying to lead you astray…

  • Amy

    Ugh, what ignorance.

  • I wish the video would go on for their answer as to why they eat babies at the very end….

  • I’ve always wondered how since I do not believe in their rewards system.. that I’m supposed to fear and worry over their punitive system..

  • This is so full of win.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have a baby sandwich to prepare.

  • Karl Stevens

    “Why do you eat babies?”

    What a silly question – I thought Johnathan Swift covered the “why” over 200 years ago!

  • It is kind of sad, but I hope that woman at least understood some more about atheism. I know that preachers all over do this, that they say we believe in ourselves as gods and we’re worshiping ourselves and science, but it’s all a lie designed to make believers feel better about themselves.

    It’s sad.

    And yes, it’s very insulting to be told “you’re going to Hell.” Unless it’s like… Hell, Michigan – which I hear is a rather nice place.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I agree with you about the distastefulness of people talking/yelling over each other, but I suspect that is the point of many modern interview shows. The audience apparently wants to see people screaming at each other, and the host lecturing to his guests. This is most prominent on the right (Bill O) but one can see it on the left as well (Chris Matthews). If a guest in invited on a show, it ought to be so their opinion can be heard. For a good counter-example, Rachel Maddow does a good job of this. Letting an interviewee lay out their views is not the same as agreeing with them.

  • Steve

    I actually do believe in aliens. I don’t have any direct evidence, but I’m not opposed to the possibility of extraterrestrial life. And I think it’s absurd that with billions of stars in our galaxy and billions of galaxy, we are the only planet to have developed life.

    Whether we’ll prove that it exists, let alone make contact with it (if intelligent) is another matter entirely. The latter is pretty unlikely given the distances involved.

  • Michelle

    I want to give Anderson Cooper a mute button. That would make it so much easier to some days.

  • Curt Cameron

    Steve, I think most people here believe that alien life exists somewhere in the universe. If we say we don’t believe in aliens usually we’re talking about aliens here on Earth, which is something that’s very implausible for the reason you noted.

  • Charlie

    The host on the left is shrill. He needs to keep his temper in control; it would be a lot better if he could keep his cool.

  • TWalker

    I’m with PowerPotPat – it was left hanging, as it were. Inquiring minds want to know. Why DO atheists eat babies?

  • Will

    Anyone else catch the Satanic Jewelry ad at the top? Hilarious.

  • Muxika

    It must be so simple to live with a preacher’s “education,” until you run into guys like these that actually force you to think about what you’ve been fed. Also, that mute button is too awesome!

  • Adviser Moppet

    This woman has the IQ of a jar of mayonnaise. I couldn’t even finish this video it was starting to get painful by the end. This is my problem with people like that. They lie to your face and think nothing of it. Even if you tell them the truth about yourself they still believe the lie.

  • Daniel Miles

    Bill O’Reilly puts his mute button to good use making sure no guest can dilute his environment of self-reinforcing ideas. Without divine righteousness, the only thing we, as atheists, have to guide us is our reason and our openness to new ideas.

    I can’t imagine how that caller might have offered something useful, but a mute button is the only sure way to make sure we’ll never find out. How can you support its use?

  • Hey, TWalker–it’s Power POP Pat–although that IS pretty funny!

  • OregoniAn

    Wow.. It’s a good thing this lady didn’t call in to the “Church of Satan Experience Show”. If she can’t wrap her lil’ noggin’ around the fact that atheists don’t believe in the existence of the evil horned-one she’ll NEVER accept that they don’t either.

    Now, if y’all will excuse me, I got me some babies boiling on the stove to attend to.

    Someone hand me my pitchfork!

  • Richard Wade

    I equally dislike BillO and Chris Matthews for their constant interruptions, and the manipulative way they let their guests interrupt each other like spoiled brat second graders. It’s an annoying “style” I see almost everywhere on television interviews and panels. I want to hear each person make their point even when I might not agree. Only if they try to dominate with long-winded speeches should they be respectfully but firmly monitored. When everyone shouts at once, I learn nothing and turn it off.

    If I were a guest on such a circus, I’d call the host on it every time with “You interrupted me. Let me finish my point,” said verbatim every single time. I would not get to make my point anyway, so at least I could make the host’s rude habit become obvious.

  • Nordog

    Speaking of O’Reilly, somewhere on the world wide interwebs I saw a photo of him with the caption: “Socks go on; feet disappear. You can’t explain that.”

  • I love her logic. If you don’t believe in God, you’re the devil. If you don’t believe in the Devil, you’re the devil. The crazy thing is, she’s the only one of the three who believes in the Devil. Does that make her a Satanist?

  • CS aka “Happy Cat”

    As someone who grew up in the thick of Fundy Hell (NW Arkansas) let me translate for her:

    “The Bible is the Word of Gawd, and it says that if you do not worship my Lard then you are OF the devil and belong to him. As I am uneducated, gullible and unable to think critically while also having a very real fear of Gawd burned into my psyche, I must believe what my minister (and family and society) tells me.

    My minister has read, prayed and talked a lot about Gawd, so he is the Highest Authority and would never lie to anyone, especially me. I am one of his flock, you see. Therefore, Gawd and the devil exist and you worship the devil since you do not shackle yourself to my dogma. What you really believe is irrelevant. Because, you know, you are of the devil. It’s so simple.”

    I feel like a need a long, hot shower now.

  • I wonder if she realizes that she is famous now?

    I wonder if her preacher is proud of her?

  • Jeff “TWERPS” Dee?

  • Rabid

    For Power Pop Pat et al:
    Why do atheists eat babies?

    Skip to about 1hr 23mins 45secs

  • CS aka “Happy Cat”

    As a p.s. to my earlier comment:

    I’m not sure she was being insulting when she said she was going to cry. The woman seemed genuinely bewildered by their argument and she probably felt stupid when she was unable to follow and process what they were saying. She had no vocabulary to to deal with their answers and any feeling of inadequacy that may have resulted. (In fundy circles, telling people they aren’t capable of thinking for themselves is par for the course.)

    Maybe she was a bit scared too, like being told by someone you realize is smarter that your entire world view is a lie and she can’t imagine a happy plan B.

    I kind of feel for her.

  • Dr Rotwang! said:

    Jeff “TWERPS” Dee?

    One and the same 🙂

    I like this show. Jeff can be bombastic at times, and is quick to throw out emotional arguments, but I think sometimes emotion might be the only level we can hit some people on… This lady, for instance. Try tossing a refutation of the modal ontological argument her way and you probably won’t get far.

  • RogerE

    I often agree with you but today you hit one of my HOT buttons about talk show hosts using a “mute” button. Having 2,3 or more people all trying to talk at the same time does nothing to facilitate communication. Granted, talk shows have limited time and it is often difficult to get your point across, but when everyone is talking at the same time, NO one gets their point across. I wish more talk shows used the “mute” button.

  • ckitching

    You can almost hear the sound of her convictions breaking before they reassert themselves and she starts yelling and accusing them of being devil worshippers again. I don’t think she learned anything this time, but little cracks like this can sometimes threaten the entire foundation. Only time will tell.

  • Patrick ONeill

    True Story: When I first moved to Texas I went on a date with a (beautiful) Texas girl.

    As we were driving along she said “You are a christian aren’t you ?” and I saod “No”.

    She looked at me quite seriously and said: “Oh, you worship the Dark Lord, then?”

    Those seemed to be the only two choices

  • Siamang

    Yeah, as others said, all the other talk shows have a mute button as well. Only on those shows it’s called “I’m shouting louder than you.”.

    I actually think it was well used at the head of the clip, and it’s the talking over each other that accelerates the emotions.

    We’re human beings, and emotional things at that, especially when discussing religions. Let’s just be honest and clear about that. None of us is Mr. Spock. So a mute button, judiciously used so that BOTH sides get to make their points, is actually a good idea.

    This is no different than handing the token around the campfire, so that the person holding it gets their chance to speak. It’s a way to let everyone get heard, and not just the loudest, pushiest voice.

  • Larry Meredith

    that would defeat the purpose of why they have controversial opposing guests interviewed in TV. The interruption bickering gets ratings. People like to watch conflict.

  • Kari

    “She looked at me quite seriously and said: “Oh, you worship the Dark Lord, then?””

    “Yes, I worship Lord Voldemort…”

  • Bones

    I eat babies because they are delicious.Aliens are kind of gamey.Satan has been roasted for to long.

  • Rieux

    I think the caller was hilarious. Halfway through it sounded like she was having a good time. She’s seriously ignorant, sure, and not a little slow-witted—but all in all, she was a reasonably good foil for the AAA guys. The stuff she got them to emphasize is material that a program called ‘Ask An Atheist’ ought to bring up on a regular basis.

  • Tony

    “Oh, you worship the Dark Lord, then?”

    Yes, it is the rule of two. I am the current Sith Apprentice, but one day….the galaxy will be mine!

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