Unnecessary Outrage June 10, 2011

Unnecessary Outrage

Jessica Hagy found a way to link up Anthony Weiner with the Muhammad cartoons. Well played, Jessica…

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  • Shanti

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the hoopla over Weiner’s weiner??!!!!??!!

  • Matt H

    I haven’t been paying attention. Politicians and their affairs or whatever aren’t very interesting to me. His last name makes me chuckle though.

  • Ryan

    I remember years ago, I spent time arguing with Christians on myspace. One of my favorite pictures is a picture of Jesus ascending to heaven, but being captured by the ghost busters. Some of the people in the group were so angry when I posted that.

  • Michelle

    Yes, stupidity is not an issue for me. Using your office to cover up an affair and or child is a bit problematic, but just being an idiot is not news worthy.

  • Raven

    Ryan, I wonder what would happen if you posted that cartoon in Tennessee now

  • ThereIsNoSpoon

    @ Shanti – he is a strong, progressive voice on the left, the kind that is a thorn in the side of right-wing power. Any opportunistic chance to attack and if possible, completely character assassinate him, is pounced on by everyone who wants him silenced. That would be every corporation and corporate backed religious nuts.

    Rachel Maddow had a great piece on much bigger scandals that happen to Republicans that everyone (corporate backed media) just sweeps under the rug.


  • Lin

    The best part of the Weiner ordeal was Stephen Colbert’s “I cannot say with certitude that this is not a part of my body” tweets and his confessing on the show that the mole rat was, in fact, part of his body.

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