Catholic School Students Ignore Rainbow Ban June 10, 2011

Catholic School Students Ignore Rainbow Ban

I love high school students who are smarter than their administrators… and you see that often at Catholic schools.

St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School in Toronto recently banned rainbowsrainbows — because they were “associated with Pride.”

Mind you, if you wanted to ban things that reminded people of homosexuality, the whole goddamn Church would shut down, but that’s besides the point.

In retaliation to their idiocy, 16-year-old Leanne Iskander, who started the school’s “unofficial” gay-straight alliance, held an anti-homophobia event. She set up a booth with her other group members and they sold cupcakes for charity…

Cupcakes of all different colors… with rainbows on the inside…

Bravo, Leanne!

The kids raised $200 through this! But since it was a school event…

… the students couldn’t donate the money to any gay, lesbian or trans charitable organization, such as the LGBT Youth Line. “We asked if we could donate to the money to the Youth Line and the board said no. We were told to donate to Covenant House, a Catholic homeless shelter.”

That’s Catholic love for you: they’re willing to help homeless people… but helping gay youth? Forget it. That goes against everything they stand for.

(Thanks to Elliot for the link!)

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  • Synapse

    I have to say I’m impressed at the effort needed to prevent the colors from just combining into a brown goo. Nice baking talents.

    Certainly poking at authority, which sorely needs to be done. Wish them all the best.

  • kathleen

    These kids need to find a person’s yard across from the school where they can gather after school and promote their cause without the drama from the school officials. There are ways around the rules.

  • Matto the Hun

    I wonder, do they discriminate against gay homeless people?

  • MikeW

    I need their recipe!! 😀

    They came up with a great idea. Good for them.

  • ButchKitties

    If people purchased the cupcakes with the understanding their money would go to a LGBT charity, wouldn’t the church’s redirection of the money to a completely different charity be a kind of fraud? I for one wouldn’t willingly donate to a Catholic charity, but I would buy a cupcake to help a LGBT group.

  • dj

    I want that recipe too! Fantastic job!

  • CayVoo

    Youth people rock. Those are incredibly cool looking cupcakes.

  • CayVoo

    I meant “young.”

  • Those are some clever students. When they go to science class and learn about light, is this an area of light behavior that they won’t get to explore? I think the school set itself up for a thorough examination of itself, from within.

    Plus isn’t it funny how they ban a rainbow, but they keep the crucifixes?

    Those cupcakes look delicious. 🙂

  • Joan

    A Catholic school that thinks rainbows are a symbol of pride? Maybe they should re-read Genesis (9:13). Congrats to these kids for their determination to work for good causes, their creativity, and their baking talents!

  • Timmy

    I sent this email to their Chaplaincy:

    I would so love that recipe for the rainbow cupcakes. Could you please see if it could be made available?

    Thanks, Timmy

    My grand daughter wants some bad. Think they will help me out?

  • Shannon

    THIS is awesome! I love it when people are able to be creative and find creative ways around stupid and discriminatory rules!

  • bcoppola

    I’m not a big cupcake fan but I would so buy a dozen of those.

  • You make up different coloured doughs and layer them prior to cooking. It is easier if you use marzipan in the cough as it is runnier and you just pour one lay on top of the other till it is high enough. I’ve not made cupcakes like this but I’ve made a birthday cake.

    That’s Catholic love for you: they’re willing to help homeless people… but helping gay youth? Forget it. That goes against everything they stand for.

    Yep. It unfortunately does.

  • Lin

    I had so many different feelings when reading this and the linked article.
    I hate that there are Catholic schools in my province to begin with, and this one is fairly close to home.
    I’m a bit disturbed because the non-profit organization I work for takes funding from the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School board, and I sort of hate that I have to touch money from them. (Edited to add: The linked article specifies that this is the board that banned the symbols.) Not a biggie, but on principle I’d rather not have anything to do with them. We’re moving our office into a Catholic-owned building soon as well, which also bothers me for no good reason.
    On the other hand, I’m overjoyed to read about these kids. It was brilliant putting rainbows inside the cupcakes. These kids are where our future lies; the death-cult bigots will die off eventually.

    (The above is written in the hope that these young men and women have rejected Catholicism entirely, not just its homophobic stance.)

  • Annie

    I love their gumption… and sorry their funds were stolen from them (nothing new).

    As for the cupcakes, here’s a cute you tube video to teach you:

  • TikiCricket

    Banning rainbows?! Are these administrators Care Bear villains or something? Next on the chopping block: flowers, smiling, and pictures of kittens.

    Rainbows are one of human history’s most consistent symbols of promise and optimism (as Joan mentions, it even carries through the freakin’ Bible). Good luck with that. And bravo to the bakers. 🙂

  • ewan

    So the school is nuts enough to ban rainbows, but still claims an anti-homophobia event as an official school function?

    How does that happen?

  • TychaBrahe

    Covenant House is a shelter for homeless and runaway youth. Among other things, they run the NineLine, a nationwide (US) toll-free telephone line for teens in crisis.

    They provide a very good service…for straight teens. I’ve heard several horror stories of them refusing to acknowledge a person’s transgender identity, housing someone who considers himself a woman and dresses like a woman in a room with men.

    Her second experience with Covenant House occurred three years later, long after she began dressing as a woman. Having missed curfew at Sylvia’s Place, an emergency shelter for gay and lesbian youth in Midtown, she arrived at Covenant House late. Like Walton, she was placed with the males. She spent the night sleeping on the floor — “faggots” don’t sleep on beds, the other clients told her.

    “What we see is a pattern of homophobia at Covenant House, both on the part of other residents and on the part of the staff,” says Kate Barnhart, manager of a shelter for LGBT kids. “We see staff members behaving in ways that are directly homophobic themselves, and we see staff members failing to intervene to stop homophobia among the other residents.”

    “The lady who is processing me asks me if I was a homosexual. I’m like ‘Yup. Sure am.’ and she’s like, ‘Well, we don’t like punks over here.’”

    I think of Covenant House as I do the Boy Scouts. They do very good work among the subgroup they are willing to serve. For those not in that subgroup (gays for CH, gays and atheists for BSA), they are dreadful. I would prefer, however, to see their services made available to everyone rather than be eliminated, as I would seek to eliminate programs intended to turn gays straight.

    I do think that the people who gave money to the group most likely thought it would go to a group helping gay youth. To divert it to Covenant House is fraud. There are other places, notably New York’s Ali Forney Center, that do serve the LGBT youth population.

  • Steve

    Rainbow cupcakes = bad
    Gay couples adopting children = bad
    Sexually, physically and mentally abusing children = ok

    In case you haven’t heard, a Catholic diocese in Illinois has the nerve to sue the state because they want to continue to discriminate, despite raking in 30 million dollars in tax money.

  • I could see them publishing this story in the school newspaper. Except the title will be “Kids sell cupcakes for the homeless” and the photo will be in black and white.

  • Michelle

    Hooray kids! What are they going to do when it rains, make the kids close their eyes? P.S. For the Catholic league & friends, this kind of crap is why they keep making songs about and ‘picking on’ your church. Quit acting like a bunch of cry baby rainbow banning asses and maybe people will like you better.
    P.S. P.S. You might also want to try not making it acceptable, and quite frankly easy, to molest kids – of any age.

  • Dark Jaguar

    Who came up with this ban? Murky from Rainbow Brite? The world shall be sad and grey! Rainbows are universal! Even if they objected to it symbolizing the gay community (which is bad enough), it also symbolizes diversity for pretty much everything else! So, are they againt racial equality too? Jesse Jackson can summon rainbows from his hands (as we all know), so apparently they’re anti-mutant on top of that.

  • Tom Bourque

    So what if someone made a rainbow art project that symbolized “god’s covenant” to not destroy mankind again?

    They’re banning their own story there.

  • Edmond

    If the school won’t let them donate that money where they want to, I say BURN that cash. Off school grounds, of course. But, I suppose it’s already out of their hands and locked up somewhere, though.

  • Dark Jaguar

    Isn’t destroying money illegal? Besides, burning it doesn’t help anyone. They could “donate” it to a 3rd party who will then donate it to one of those disallowed groups. Outsmart them again.

  • Allen

    This is completely beside the point of the article, but is that picture of the cupcake cross section actually one of the cupcakes from the bake sale? The table of cupcakes seems to show different (non-white) colors of frosting whereas the cross-section cupcake has a white frosting.

  • Maybe we could outsmart them all – can we do a quick fund raise here – see if we can double the amount and send it to the charity they wanted, in their group’s name?

  • Russell H

    I agree with the school. Everyone has rights but not the right to imposse there beliefs on others. The parents of those children chose to send them to a private school and so they should abide by their beliefs.If it was a public school that would be a different story. I also believe a gay school should be allowed to ban certian text in the bible. There is no differance!

  • Tony

    I second cr0sh’s suggestion – can we do a chip-in and raise the $200 and donate it in the name of these students?

  • Ashley Moltzan

    I want that recipe too. They look amazing!

  • flawedprefect

    Hooray kids! What are they going to do when it rains, make the kids close their eyes?

    Nah, just suspend the leprecaun for a week, and fine him one pot of gold.

  • ckitching

    The parents of those children chose to send them to a private school and so they should abide by their beliefs.If it was a public school that would be a different story.

    You don’t know that it’s not a public school. Catholic public schools exist in Canada due to some archaic laws.

  • Courtney

    What does

    Mind you, if you wanted to ban things that reminded people of homosexuality, the whole goddamn Church would shut down, but that’s besides the point.

    mean, in this context?

  • ButchKitties

    The trick to the cupcakes is to use gel food coloring. The watery stuff from the grocery store doesn’t give those vibrant results. You can use boxed vanilla cake. Just divide the batter, add gel coloring, and then layer in the pan and bake according to directions.

  • Lin

    To Russell H (and ckitching), this is not a private school, unfortunately.

    Besides, these kids are old enough to be expressing their own beliefs regardless of what school their parents chose for them, and I’m damn proud of them for doing so.

  • John

    Gay youth NOT accepted here…

    200 bucks you say? Oh sure, we’ll take that…

    now take your blasphemous rainbows and GET OUT!

  • anardana

    Awwwwwwww!! So happy to see young people doing things like this.

  • robin stormsinger

    Kudos to the kids! Gotta love the way so many “Christians” mix & match the contents of the bible to suit their own purposes, like not suffering a witch to live or what a huge sin it is to “lay” with someone of the same sex instead of Christ’s directive to judge not lest you be judged. (Isn’t “Christian” supposed to mean follower of the teachings of Christ?) Everyone should be wary of stupid people in large groups.

  • There are far more virulent religious homophobes than Catholics. One of London’s main mosques has been revealed as an epicenter of vicious homophobic ‘street-jihad’ attacks against gay men.

  • EllenB
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