A Nice Segment on A-News June 10, 2011

A Nice Segment on A-News

The folks at A-News said some sweet things about me in their latest episode (around the 13:00 mark) — but you should really watch it for their coverage of an equal rights rally. They have fantastic interviews, including one with atheist politician Cecil Bothwell!

You can see other episodes of their show at their site and keep up with them on Facebook!

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  • Amy

    Cool! I’m in it too – glad to share a wee little air time with you. 🙂

  • More degrees than you can count?

  • Larry Meredith

    I loved that segment with Brian Allen

  • We need to support Cecil Bothwell for Congress. Despite the blog posted the other day, The Myth That Atheists are Unelectable is Bullshit! – http://bit.ly/lO955d

  • I was impressed with Cecil Bothwell in the interview.

  • I want to thank everyone for the kind comments. I’m so happy everyone enjoys the show, and I promise we will keep making them so everyone can enjoy.

    Thank you so much,
    Brian Allen



  • Glad you guys liked our show, you keep watching them and we will keep making them.

  • Michelle

    I’m torn between the juvenile atheist army and the balloon launch. Too bad I wasn’t much for the closet.