‘They Look Just Like the Rest of Us…’ June 4, 2011

‘They Look Just Like the Rest of Us…’

Ted Burnham created a fun little mockumentary about Skeptics for a class at the University of Colorado, featuring the Secular Students and Skeptics Society.

The video answers those burning questions: “What is a Skeptic?” “How are they distinguished from other humans?” and “Why do they ask so many questions?” 🙂

(via Bad Astronomy)

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  • Jennifer

    Priceless! The zinger at the end had me nearly hurling my breakfast! Very well done!

  • Hey… that’s the talk Phil gave at NECSS 2011!

  • SlipperyWhenWet

    “The Skeptic is the strangest and most marvelous of God’s creatures”…


  • NotYou007

    Pure win!

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