Registration Open for the Secular Student Alliance Conference June 3, 2011

Registration Open for the Secular Student Alliance Conference

If you haven’t attended before, the Secular Student Alliance conference is fantastic for current high school and college students — as well as anyone else who wants to learn more about what atheist students are doing across the country.

This year, it’s taking place July 29th – 31st at The Ohio State University in Columbus.

Attending an SSA conference was how I first got involved with our movement… and that was about ten years ago. It clearly had a positive impact on me, just meeting other students who were thinking like I was and doing incredible things with their groups.

The SSA staff has gotten very good at putting together a fast-paced, highly-relevant, and fun experience for students. Most talks are only 20 minutes long (short but effective!), there are different breakout sessions for new leaders and veteran leaders, and the roster of speakers is just awesome:

  • Dan Barker
  • Greta Christina
  • PZ Myers
  • David Silverman
  • Jessica Ahlquist
  • Jennifer McCreight
  • Jamila Bey
  • Debbie Goddard

I’ll be speaking, too. And the list isn’t even complete yet! More people get announced each week.

So register now.

They have an offer where five students from one group can register for a total of $100, which is a pretty damn good deal. If the cost is too high, travel grants are available for those who need them. And most attendees will be staying in the dorms so you have a readymade place to hang out with other young atheists.

I can’t wait to attend the event this year. See you there? Excellent.

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  • This sucks. First huge secular shindig after finals and I’m going to be somewhere else. Oh well, I’ll represent the heathens up at Tough Mudder! Oooorah.

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