Todd Stiefel’s Speech on the National Day of Reason June 1, 2011

Todd Stiefel’s Speech on the National Day of Reason

Todd Stiefel gave a really passionate talk at the Triangle Freethought Society‘s National Day of Reason event last month. If you want to know why so many atheists oppose the National Day of Prayer, Todd explains.

Plus, there are lots of other great soundbytes in there 🙂

(If the video doesn’t work for you, try another browser!)

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  • Fun speech. Thanks. This is the first I heard of Todd Steifel so I looked him up. So for other ignorant as I am, here are some bullets:

    — is on Advisory board of “Secular Coalition for America.

    — is former Christian (lost in college, Duke, after a OT course)

    — his wife is a Christian

    — is extremely Wealthy — inherited from family drug company sales

    — is Philanthropist to secular causes

    — is now, a budding speaker

  • If you’re using Chromium and can’t view the video just click through to the Vimeo site and watch there. No need for another browser, Chromium just has problems with embedding Vimeo. It’s well worth the watch!

  • Rich Wilson

    Hm, works fine in my chrome.

    Cringe at the “opposed to heliocentrisim” quote. He meant geocentrism.

  • Great speech. I wish some of these events were around the Memphis area.

  • Rich Wilson

    Ugh. Never mind. Embarrassing brain fart on my part there. Carry on.

  • Goodheretic

    @Rich, when I was speaking and said “they” opposed heliocentrism, I was referring to the fundies. Listening back to it, I can see how the phrase could be taken either way, though, so I understand how it could be taken the way you interpreted it.

  • This was a great speech. I personally could have done without the medical marijuana reference because it conflates a political issue (legalization of drugs/libertarianism) with a constitutional issue (Free Exercise and Establishment). He made it not “atheists vs. Christians” but “the majority of Americans vs. the Religious Right.” This was the right message for the event.

    Todd has also been helpful with the area Secular Student Alliances, helping them to procure speakers, supporting their events, and giving program ideas. (Disclaimer: I am a recent graduate of UNC Law School, and was a member of the UNC-CH Secular Student Association, an SSA affiliate, while I was a student.)

  • What was ‘exhibit A’?

  • Goodheretic

    Exhibit A was one pathetic fundamentalist protesting our event and demonstrating his love with a sign about wrath, damnation and eternal torture. I could not help, but call him out on his corrupted values. The best part is that he left immediately after the talk. There is a pic of the guy here:

  • Korinthian

    This felt a bit forced. If you have to encourage people to half-heartedly mumble “yeah!” it doesn’t quite have the impact you’re striving for.

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