A Christian Graduation Prayer May 31, 2011

A Christian Graduation Prayer

Jeff Swenson at Freethunk! offers an honest depiction of a public school graduation prayer… as said by a Christian:

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  • In my country, we get Muslim prayers blasted from the PA system every morning in our schools. On Friday, the Muslim kids get to spend a whole hour talking to Allah while the rest of us kafirs sit in our classes twiddling our thumbs and not learning. Then, in our public universities, we’ll have a Muslim student lead and close every official meeting with appeals to Allah to ensure that the proceedings go smoothly. If any non-Muslim individual bring this issue up, he or she will be viciously vilified and sometimes, be charged with blasphemy.

    What is it about prayers that devotees want us non-believers to hear so much?

  • In answer to my namesake, James. Theists want to flout their prayers in most countries to show that they are above the law and couldn’t care less about offending those of another or no faith.

    Religion has always enjoyed a free ride. I suggest the next time a theist tells you that atheism is a religion, demand the same privileges of no taxation, exemption from the law, common sense, and human decency.

    Then demand respect even if none is earned. What’s fair for them must be fair for everyone, no?

  • Nik

    James, are you Malaysian by any chance? Your experiences sound terribly familiar. Speaking as a closet atheist amongst muslims, I say it could’ve been worse.

    You could have been given a stamped, no-way-out “muslim” label on your id forever due to your skin color.

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