Zack Kopplin Appears on Hardball May 28, 2011

Zack Kopplin Appears on Hardball

Zack Kopplin, the student leading the fight to repeal the misnamed “Louisiana Science Education Act,” appeared on Hardball last night and did one hell of a nice job:

You can read Zack’s challenge to Rep. Michele Bachmann here.

Even FSM prophet Bobby Henderson sends along his praises:

All in all it was an excellent appearance. Zack deserves a lot of credit for his work. I for one am very impressed and I’m confident he has a bright future ahead of him. Whatever the fate of the repeal, Zack’s done a tremendous service for the cause of rationality. The fight is as important as the outcome. The Louisiana legislature may reject reason for a few more years but the rest of the world has benefited from watching this ordeal. There are bills similar to the LSEA all across the country — it’s an ongoing struggle, and I’m glad there are people like Zack on our side.

Zack is off to Rice University in Texas, a state that has no shortage of Creationists trying to ruin science education. I hope he continues to be an activist there, too.

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  • Jamie

    Wow, he totally OWNED Michele Bachmann there.

  • Great work Zack. And yet, 4 of the 12 voting members were still willing to vote against good sense.

  • mouse

    “You don’t need a law to teach critical thinking. That’s what science is.”

    I love this dude.

  • Heidi

    I can’t wait until kids like Zack are old enough to vote.

  • Great appearance. This kid’s going places.

    But… his eyes… what was going on with his eyes?

  • FishyFred

    When did Obadiah Stane get his own show on MSNBC?

    (Seriously, glad Smerconish chose to talk about this.)

  • Dan


    I have a couple guesses about his eyes.

    1) These interviews are akward because you have to look into a camera lens when talking with a person, and it may be odd for most people to stare into a camera lens to talk, when he’s probably used to talking to another humans face.

    2) He probably had a parent there, and/or someone to be with him during the interview that could just stand by for encouragement. When the interview began, the host just launched into the questions, without saying “Thank you for being on the show.” or something. That felt odd too me, and I was wondering that while the host was saying his question, Zack was looking off to the side because someone was holding a note or something telling him to open his answer with a “Thanks for having me on” kind of comment – which he did.

    These are all guesses of course.

  • mexatheist

    Such luck i live in Mexico. Public education is secular by law, no crucifixes in the classrooms. Thanks Benito Juarez!:)

  • PaperCat

    Zack was terrific! It give me hope to see young adults be knowledgeable, articulate and willing to take up the challenge.

  • Zack, you have done a great work!  I do love it!

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