Milestones May 28, 2011

Just thought you’d all like to know…

The Damon Fowler fund has just surpassed the $25,000 mark! (Thanks, Greta Christina!)

And Foundation Beyond Belief, the group that encourages atheists to give to various secular charities, is about to hit the $150,000 mark in donations! (Disclosure: I’m on the FBB board.)

We’re preparing for an exciting announcement about FBB in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!

It feels good to be a part of such a generous atheist community 🙂

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  • Don Rose

    I’m so proud to be associated with such awesome people.

  • I know of no group (yet) that might offer an organized alternative, but I do know many individuals who would help… myself included.

    Over the years I’ve twice provided shelter, sustenance and support in similar circumstances. I’m batting 500 on that one, as one of the kids turned out to be an outstanding adult while the other turned to the wrong lifestyles… and ended up a guest in the crossbar Hilton.

    Without question, I’d do it again.

  • Molly, NYC

    Any update on Damon? Is he okay? Did he get out of Bastrop?

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