Thanks, Jay Sekulow! May 26, 2011

Thanks, Jay Sekulow!

The Secular Student Alliance surpassed 250 campus groups this past year:

The high school groups are set to explode even more next year.

Who can we thank for the surge in atheist groups? Richard Dawkins? SSA Campus Organizer Lyz Liddell? SSA High School Specialist JT Eberhard?

We owe them a debt of gratitude, no doubt, but according to American Humanist Association president Dave Niose, we can thank Religious Right litigator for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) Jay Sekulow:

In the case of Westside Community Board of Education vs. Mergens (1990) Sekulow successfully argued, on Free Speech grounds, that public schools generally cannot prohibit formation of Christian clubs if other kinds of clubs are allowed. Since then, Bible clubs, prayer clubs, and other voluntary Christian-oriented extracurricular activities have become commonplace in public schools across the country.

What Sekulow and others on the Christian Right may not have considered, however, is that the Mergens decision opened the doors not just for Christian groups in public schools, but for other groups as well. In fact, it was a game-changer. If Free Speech standards dictate that Christian clubs cannot be banned, then neither can Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim clubs.

Or atheist clubs.

thanks to Jay Sekulow, organized atheist groups are now rapidly sprouting in high schools all over the country, protected by First Amendment rights and recognized by the school administration.

It’s easy to forget that the Religious Right fought our battles before we were starting groups everywhere, but I guess we can thank them for this unintended-but-wonderful consequence 🙂

In fact, we should celebrate it with a nationwide Sekulow Student Day! Who’s in?

(Awful joke in preceding sentence was stolen from here.)

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  • Rover Serton

    Never liked Jay and the UCLJ but I now would love to tell him on his crappy program, Thanks!

    Your right wing stupidity made the world a slightly better place.

  • Michelle

    I never tire of thanking people like him for helping do their part to accidentally make the world a better place. Thanks Jay, now my son may be able to have a SSA when he is older with far less pressure than they face now.

  • Hmm, Its kinda cool to know that you were part of the larger trend. AHA! started in 2008, during the biggest growth period.

    I get annoyed when asked why atheists meet up (“its like a religion shouldn’t atheists not do that?”). Why do anyone with similar interests meet up? Atheists shouldn’t be condemned to not being part of a community. I’m glad this trend is changing. I’m glad that the HS movement is starting to take place, I know there are many who weren’t nearly as fortunate as myself where my anti-religion seemed to be a non-issue.

  • Marguerite

    Ha, irony. I love it:-). Yay for the Religious Right and their tireless efforts to make public school a better place!

  • Gabriel

    I think it would be wonderful if the students who form clubs and host things like ask an atheist would have a handout explaining how the work of religous right christians and Jay Sekulow made their club possible.

  • Richard Wade

    Who can we thank for the surge in atheist groups? Richard Dawkins? SSA Campus Organizer Lyz Liddell? SSA High School Specialist JT Eberhard?

    I’d say a young dynamo named Hemant Mehta also had quite a lot to do with it.

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