Skepticism and Entertainment in Chicago May 26, 2011

Skepticism and Entertainment in Chicago

For anyone in Chicago, here’s a local event you won’t want to miss.

On Saturday night, Liz Gaston will be giving a talk about science and the media — how is science used by the entertainment industry? What are good and bad examples of it? What can we do about it?

After her talk, the band Folk Death will perform:

Folk Death will tear the house down with some acoustic tongue in cheek tunes! Folk Death has been kicking butt and taking names since 2006, and their songs that parody and comment on religion, unrealistic social standards and generally “WTF” topics have earned them a loyal following.

The event is sponsored by Chicago Skeptics in the Pub. (And if you buy Elyse a beer, she’ll get you in for free!)

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  • Larry Meredith

    I predict the end of the night will involve no admission being paid and Elyse surrounded by 100 beer bottles. What atheist wouldn’t want to take advantage of her?… her offer I mean.