High School Atheists Answer Questions on Reddit May 25, 2011

High School Atheists Answer Questions on Reddit

Jessica Ahlquist, Damon Fowler, and Harrison Hopkins, three of the high-school atheists who have fought recent church-state separation battles, are doing an “Ask Us Anything” on Reddit.

The questions and responses are fantastic.

I can’t even imagine doing anything like this when I was in high school… and that wasn’t too long ago.

Did I even know which church/state separation was all about back then? Probably not.

It’s just a testament to better networking and strong online communities for atheists. Not to mention some strong-willed, intelligent students who know a little something about the law.

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  • It was said in some other thread on some other site, and it bears repeating here: without global social networking sites like Facebook and Reddit, people like Damon and Jessica would have been told to “shut up and sit down”, and we probably wouldn’t have heard about it for weeks or months, if at all.

    I was in high school 11 years ago, and even with the Internet in its adolescence, nothing like this would have been possible.

  • Please keep an eye out tomorrow on freethoughtri.com; we actually interviewed all three of them last night for the show, and it turned out pretty well. Jessica told me that she’ll probably be updating the Reddit thread tonight and for the rest of the week.


  • that is awesome.

  • holeydood3

    Saw this on reddit the other day…I was amazed when it hit number one in r/IAMA in under three hours and had over 700 comments on it by that point. Definitely a good sign. Then again, Reddit’s demographics do tend to be more atheistic (r/atheism has 142k members, and r/christianity only has 13k).

    <3 reddit </rambling. Finals are over!

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