I Need a Couple Undercover Agents… May 23, 2011

I Need a Couple Undercover Agents…

Remember last summer when I sent a couple people to sit in on an anti-gay conference…?

Well, another opportunity has come up. And I need a couple volunteers. It’s a chance to see the conservative Christian world from the inside.

I’ll pay for your registration costs. I’ll even take the volunteers out to dinner 🙂 In return, you’re promising to do a writeup for this site.

Here are the things you need to know:

  • The event takes place in the suburbs of Chicago. You’d be responsible for your own transportation
  • It takes place Thursday afternoon on June 2nd through Saturday afternoon on June 4th. If you can’t go on Thursday, but you can go Friday and Saturday, that’s fine with me, but I hope you can go the whole time.

I can provide more information to people who are serious about going. Age/gender shouldn’t be an issue. As always, no one is going there to disrupt or protest the event — This is all about getting a different, hopefully-enlightening perspective on a Christian event.

Email me today if you’re interested.

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  • Damn, too far away. Hemant, if you know of any events like this in the New England area, I would absolutely be willing to go and do a write-up for you (provided I could share it on my blog as well).

    Thing is, I doubt you’d ever find events like these in New England, especially Rhode Island or Massachusetts — although lately I’m starting to question the social sanity of R.I. and their leadership.

  • Our local group would love to help anytime in TX. Unfortunately, I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities in the south. Chicago is a little too far :-/

  • Mr Ed

    YAA- As a Connecticut Yankee I’m used to not having the holy rollers like the rest of the country but we have the silliness in Cranston, RI. My wife went out Friday night and one of the women was complaining that those horrible atheists were trying to make money off the rapture, so we do have our growing fundie threat.

  • I’ll do it if anything comes up in the DC Metro!

  • Shawn

    I live in wisconsin, in the greenbay area. If you don’t have any volunteers closer to the day, shoot me an email.

  • Anon

    If I were close to Chicago I’d seriously consider going, except they’d probably throw me out on sight, seeing as I have a penis AND hair down past my shoulders that I’m unwilling to cut just for them. Have you talked to Monsieur Coyne? I’m told he lives out thataway.

    Also, it’s “a couple OF X”, not “a couple X”. Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

    Keep fighting the good fight, though.

  • holeydood3

    Is this AFTAH again? I’m not quite sure based on the reading of the post. I finish up school this week and return home to a Chicago suburb this weekend, and can remain home as long as I like (haven’t heard any job offers yet).

    I’ll definitely think about it pending a few more details.

  • Shawn

    If Hemant gives you a package and tells you to sit as close to the leaders as possible, DON’T DO IT! Or at least, leave the package under a seat and run.

  • annette

    I’d love to do it. I’ll email you.

  • Ericka Quiñonez

    if anything like this comes up in or around Victorville, CA (highly doubtful) I will do it.

  • Lana

    If you know of any events like this in the Seattle area, I’d love to help you out. But Chicago is . . . a bit of a drive from here.

  • Ooooh I SO wish I could – gonna be on holiday with family (which I wouldn’t trade ever). Can’t wait to see the write-ups! 😀

  • Will you provide confederate flag-clad trucker hat and overgrown mustache? Said items will be returned in good condition.

  • Mitch

    As much as I’d love to, I’m busy that weekend. Good luck to anyone who takes part though.

  • Parkview again?

  • Gaby A.

    I wish you the best of luck. I’m gay, former evangelical (now atheist), and so wish I could participate. Look forward to a great expose. 🙂

  • Kevin S.

    Wish this had come up last year, when I was still at Northwestern. Alas.

  • Drew M.

    I’m of the opinion that you publicize which event this is. Strike fear into the hearts of the organizers! Make them paranoid of heathen saboteurs in the ranks!

  • Is this really what atheism has been reduced to? You do this often enough, you’ll force them underground and stir up their paranoia. Is that good for anyone?

  • Drew M.

    @The Other Weido:

    How would forcing them underground be a bad thing? It’s harder to reach the masses when you’re being all secret society like.

  • Lauren

    Like others have offered, I will too – if you find anything in the Houston TX/Gulf Coast area, give me a holler!

  • Jesus

    I’d do something like this in NYC or upstate New York (Albany area). Hell, I’d do it in Chicago, but I can’t get away that weekend.

  • Dole

    let me check my calender. At least gas is cheaper in the burbs.

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