Bible Verse in L.A. Noire May 22, 2011

Bible Verse in L.A. Noire

There’s a new video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 called L.A. Noire and there’s one particular part of it worth mentioning on this site.

You can see the scene play out in the walk-through below — the relevant bit occurs at the 3:40 mark:

As Detective Phelps searches through a murder victim’s belongings, he notices a cross with a Bible verse on it:

Ephesians 5:22-23

Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.

Is it significant in the game? I have no clue.

But it’s always nice when pop culture point out some of the more misogynistic parts of the Bible. Maybe it’s a new revelation for someone.

(Thanks to @WCK604 for the link!)

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  • Frank

    It plays into the game that at least for a time, it seems there are a string of murders of men killing their wives for not being subservient. There are a lot of other characters talking about beating their wives for mouthing off, which the main character looks at as wrong. This is a necklace given to a wife whose husband wanted her to “stay in the kitchen” essentially.

  • That particular verse also came up in an episode of “The West Wing”. President Bartlet was upset that it had come up in a sermon as he attended church because the pastor had left out what followed, which amounted to “be subject to one another”. Then he asked his chief of staff, “Leo, how can I be subject to you?”

    A thoroughly excellent show, written by atheist Sorkin, starring Catholic Sheen (which his request is why Bartlet was also Catholic).

  • There was a similar plot point is “The girl with the dragon tattoo”, where bible verses are given as a clue towards the resolution of the plot. The interesting part is (spoilers ahead!….)

    Both protagonists are clueless to what the vague references to bible verses are until the male hero’s daughter, going through a religious phase, recognizes them as such.

  • Bleak_Infinitive

    If I remember correctly, the cross is part of a charm bracelet given to a murdered woman by her abusive husband.

    So yeah, it’s interwoven with the plot.

  • Yes, it’s in a box of jewellery stolen from a murdered woman by her killer. The woman is killed after serving divorce papers to her violent, overbearing husband, and the pendant with the Bible verse was probably a gift from him.

    So yeah, it’s meant to be ironic.

  • Liz C

    I’ve been playing through L.A. Noire for the past several days (if you’ve got an Xbox or PS3, you need to get this game; it’s fantastic) and *spoilers* the cross is a clue in the case of a murdered woman who was about to divorce her husband. The message on the cross itself (which is part of a charm bracelet) is trivial to solving the case, but what I found interesting is that the murdered woman was divorcing her husband on the grounds of physical abuse, and her husband gave her the charm bracelet. Being the 1940s, a misogynistic religious message like this would be seen as perfectly appropriate, but the woman never wore it, apparently not liking it. I feel like the writers were implying that the religiousness of the couple and the fact that he gave her this charm meant that he used religion as an excuse for his abusive behavior. But that’s just me. Did anybody else get a different interpretation? (Also, anybody amazed that this game came from the same people who make the Grand Theft Auto series? Or is it all Team Bondi’s doing?)

  • Larry Meredith

    It’s not a big significance in the plot but it is part of the main storyline. It’s not some side-quest. So everyone who plays this game will definitely see that part, and this is a really big release by Rockstar (the company that releases Grand Theft Auto). This game will get a lot of exposure and be one of the best games of the year for sure. So for that reason I think it’s cool to see that they’re showing this misogynistic part of the Bible pointed out where so many Christians will simply gloss over it or ignore it. Not as easy to ignore when you’re playing a crime detective video game that zooms in and uses it as a clue you have to read!

  • Cabalavatar

    The cross was a gift from the victim’s husband; all of the eyewitnesses (including the husband, much to his chagrin) attest to the fact that she refused to wear it. She kept it locked away in a jewellery box.
    I’m not so sure that it’s ironic. I think, instead, that it’s rather revealing about the husband’s character.

    May I also add that this game is brilliant, save a few plot problems with regard to engaging the player in certain events in the protagonist’s personal life.

  • Ali

    the braclet itself is a relevent clue, not that particular charm tho. It belongs to a murdered woman who was divorcing her abusive husband. What I loved about it was before you even found this charm it is stated she stopped wearing it due to it being given to her by her abusive ex…until you meet said abuser and he says she stopped wearing because she hated the message i.e. that charm with the passage on it.

    I have takin a liking to this game. I usually like games with more action but I have to give credit where it is due. Team Bondi made something a pleasure to play without all the over the top violence. This game has a good story… and when there is violence and sexuality it has a purpose.

  • Matt H

    Funny that, at my brother’s wedding this weekend, the pastor spent a lot of time saying husband and wife were equal and one didn’t rule over the other. They still hold the bible in such high regard, but they love to ignore the yucky bits that would make them look like monsters in modern society. Such cognitive dissonance…

  • Paul J

    I don’t think that the religions implications are of much relevance (although I have to admit that I just played past this point in the storyline). The landlady of the murder victim the pendant belonged to even said something along the lines that she was a nice girl but somewhat too much into religion.
    And I have to agree with the other commenters: LA Noire is great. The richness and fidelity of facial expressions are second to none I’ve ever seen in a game and make the dialogues and interrogations immensely enjoyable.
    The only thing I found disappointing is the lack of side quests. That way the city feels somewhat empty.

  • keystothekid

    Threadjack! Who actually had the end of the homicide desk bit of the game figured out already?


  • Alexius

    The part of this game (in its accuracy) that sorta scares me is that it basically depicts the time Republicans seem to think of as the glory years. Definitely doesn’t condone it though.

  • thegame

    The worst part about that cross, I think, is that the typeface engraved in it is Papyrus.

    That aside, this is rather interesting.

  • Ali

    Think of it this way….it might be Papyrus, but at least it’s not COMIC SANS!!!

  • Mike

    This the quote I’ve seen the most apologetic wiggling on. Chiefly, what does it mean by “submit.”

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