Draw Muhammad Day 2: A Compilation May 20, 2011

Draw Muhammad Day 2: A Compilation

When people hear about Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, they want to know: Why do it? Why be jerks about it? Why are you all intolerant of Islam? Why be dicks when you can be friendly?

And my response really hasn’t changed from last year.

We do it because we have a right to free speech, and there are people out there who want to make sure a drawing of Muhammad never sees the light of day.

We do because religious figures don’t automatically deserve special respect and they’re not immune from criticism. Too often, we treat religion and religious beliefs with baby gloves. Drawing Muhammad is one way to show — non-violently — that Islam ought to be susceptible to criticism just like every other belief system.

We do it because people have been threatened and killed by Muslim radicals for their depictions of Muhammad and criticism of Islam — by drawing Muhammad ourselves, we stand in solidarity with them.

We do it because Muhammad was drawn for centuries before it somehow became “offensive” to some. There was nothing wrong with it then and there’s nothing wrong with it now.

We do it because people are now getting censored — sometimes ridiculously so — out of fear of what the extremists will do. The radicals should not have this kind of control over the right to express ourselves freely.

We do it in support of Molly Norris, who had to change her whole identity after merely suggesting that we draw Muhammad.

We do it because we don’t hear enough moderate Muslims speaking up in our defense. If they truly believe the image of Islam has been hijacked by the extremists of the faith, then the least they could do is support the right of other people to criticize their faith (even if they disagree with their criticism) and draw their prophet (even if they wouldn’t do it themselves).

Is drawing Muhammad offensive to a lot of people? No doubt it is. There are other religious figures we could have picked on. Certainly, people are free to draw atheists as they wish. But we draw Muhammad today because there’s been a unique, awful backlash against it. If the majority of Muslims calmly and rationally objected to it, while urging the extremists to put away their weapons, maybe this day wouldn’t be necessary.

We’re not doing this to piss off Muslims. We’re doing it to make a statement.

As it stands, while the extremists have killed in reaction to the drawings, the moderates have been relatively silent. They blame the artists for provoking the extremists, instead of blaming the murderers alone. Until that changes, I don’t see a reason for people to stop drawing Muhammad.

Last year, 38 of you sent me your own drawings.

This year, I received close to 100.

The drawings are witty, artistic, crude, offensive (at times), and make you think. Take a look at them. Smile. Laugh. Be shocked. Be angry (that’s ok, too). But don’t respond with violence or aggressive rhetoric. And if you feel compelled to join in, draw Muhammad for your blog or Facebook profile.

All the images are after the jump. Most of them can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The thought-provoking Muhammads:

Brian made one of the cleverest Muhammads I’ve ever seen — It’s an image and word art at the same time!

Another Brian did a similar “text dump.” So cool!

Barry sent in some very sneaky pictures… apparently, Muhammad loves to play hide-and-seek!

DataPacRat poses a logical conundrum…

… and Nick follows it up with another one:

G. drew a lovely little cartoon with a transforming Muhammad — very powerful! (Click to enlarge)

Ellysa asks a difficult question… and on a Friday, no less! How dare she…

Rhys wants to know where the line is drawn. I’d like to know, too:

If you read Matt‘s drawing from right to left, it has a very happy ending!

Claudia made a Muhammad that René Magritte would be proud of:

ARS created a rebus puzzle to make a point:

The Political Muhammads:

Todd created a Gitmo-Hammad:

Dustin Williams‘ Muhammad tells Osama bin Laden something he doesn’t want to hear:

David also links Muhammad with bin Laden:

M.H. finds the whole “porn in Osama bin Laden’s compound” thing wildly hypocritical, so he melded that into his image:

Kristena‘s Muhammad is very patriotic!

I can’t look at Michael‘s drawing… and yet I can’t look away! I think he’s making a statement of some sort…

The Funny Muhammads:

JawsForJesus runs the fantastic website Plus a Drawing of Muhammad where he inserts the image of Muhammad into various cartoons. You’ve never seen Ziggy like this before:

Russell‘s cartoon shows that even Muhammad was getting sick of the “No Drawing Daddy” rule:

Santiago just barely avoids getting in trouble:

Thanks to Jamie, I can’t look at ghosts in Pac-Man the same way ever again… (I guess he got their cherries?)

Ash drew an excellent Emo-hammad:

quietAtheist made a Muhammad we can all be buddies with!

Dylan made a pun. And it amuses me:

Mr. Apostate has Muhammad jumping for Jesus. I’ve stared at this animation for a while and I’m transfixed on the Cross as a Pogo Stick:

Chad‘s Muhammad is hiding in Canada!

Derek and a few friends at Syracuse High School put together this collage of images, some of which are modeled after popular Internet memes:

The patently offensive Muhammads:

Gon packed as many offensive images as he could into this animation (and video):

Erica created a bumper sticker no one will ever buy:

Joe Zamecki created his image on a statue of the Virgin Mary — Double Blasphemy! He even made a video describing the process.

Remember when I said you don’t need to make offensive images of Muhammad? Richard didn’t get the memo:

Reed wanted to piss as many people off as possible, so he made this drawing — explanation below.

I’m going to go ahead and not put the website’s watermark on this one…

Explanation of the photograph: The Book of Mormon serves to illustrate the similarities between the fraud and cult leader Joe Smith and the fraud and cult leader Mohammad. The condoms represent breaking free from the puritanical sexual mores of ancient hypocritical kiddie fuckers with poo on their heads. The American-grown tobacco and marijuana serve no other purpose than to piss off the pious and soothe the “artist”.
The name of this piece is “Mohammad Has a Tiny Little Tacker”.

Taryn wants to know what’s more offensive: Muhammad or the drawing itself…?

Stagendogs made a political statement about Islam’s treatment of women:

Muhammad won’t like the fact that Mab‘s Gratuitous Uterus drew him!

Anonymous must have run out of paper when he made this drawing…

ACP created a pretty disturbing Muhammad…

… and followed it up with this (even more disturbing) one:

Casimir‘s Muhammad is next to other potentially offensive things. Like alcohol. And Bart Simpson.

The Aisha-related Muhammads:

Louis Kingofsockmonkeys made a strong point about which person had relations with a nine-year-old.

Jeffery shows one of Muhammad’s descendants learning about a dark family secret…

Patrik’s friend drew a Muhammad that’s, um, anatomically correct:

Manolo of Podcast Ateorizar drew this one… Note: Artistic license is used liberally here since there’s no evidence Aisha was ever punched in the face. (Though there is scripture pointing to Aisha getting struck in the chest by Muhammad.)

All I notice about Christopher‘s drawing is Muhammad’s unique facial hair:

Cameron points out how ridiculous the “Do Not Draw Muhammad” rule really is:

Anonymous made a PedoMuhammad:

Michael found a tie-in with “Toddlers & Tiaras”:

The straight-forward Muhammads:

Bryan offers this homage to the creators of South Park:

Jennie wants you all to know that Muhammad loves his cupcakes:

Sam claims he’s no artist, but he put something together for the occasion!

Kimberly kept it simple.

And so did Vanessa:

Annabel‘s Muhammad is quoting himself! (Is that allowed?!)

Andy‘s Muhammad is more of a Mu-hammered (Zing!):

Tom‘s image kinda creeps me out, but it’s so colorful!

The math side of me approves of the fact that Marc‘s drawing was done on graph paper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Muhammad wearing shorts and going turban-less before!

Patrik knows that anything drawn on graph paper is automatically awesomer!

I think Ryan created his Muhammad using a Spirograph…

One anonymous reader’s Muhammad looks like something a sketch artist would create:

And so does Joseph‘s:

And so does Jake‘s

Nakor deflects criticism of drawing Muhammad by focusing on the artwork — I like it, though!

Raff‘s Muhammad can’t believe Everybody Draw Muhammad Day is already here.

The Bolingbrook Babbler found Muhammad hiding in Lisle, Illinois!

Heather‘s Muhammad kinda freaks me out because it reminds me of the Kool-Aid Man:

Uzza‘s image can really only upset the fanatics:

Marlowe copied his image from an illustrated Koran from the Middle Ages. So it can’t be offensive, right?

Amy C.‘s Muhammad is holding a beer… can he do that?

Patti drew a Muhammad who wouldn’t look out of place on The Office:

Heini is back again this year, but you’ll notice his Muhammad no longer has a lit bomb fuse. Maybe he’s no longer as angry. Or maybe drawing him just isn’t a big deal anymore. (I wonder what video game he’s playing…)

Thomas‘ Muhammad has a plea for everyone!

Leandro‘s Muhammad drawing was very upsetting to me. No cookies! No wonder we never see him smiling…

CBC offers a hippie, peace-loving Muhammad:

Steve‘s doing something particularly blasphemous: Shaving off Muhammad’s beard!

Reanold offers a Muhammad that even Muhammad would be proud of!

Jehapters shows Muhammad playing tennis… I guess he’s not so different from us after all.

Tony made Muhammad into a little thug… no idea when he’s dropping his latest album.

Susan made a larger point about the name Muhammad:

Sam G. thinks it’s strange that the faith that causes people to kill over mere Muhammad drawings is supposed to be the “religion of peace.”

J. Minter drew Muhammad in College… holding a… um… Bunsen burner.

No one can be offended by Zach‘s Muhammad because he’s white:

An anonymous reader drew Muhammad while saluting the First Amendment:

In the picture below, Muhammad is drawing Danial! I wonder who’s more offended…

Human Michael has Muhammad getting away from Jesus on a unicorn! Three myths in one — not bad!

Jose drew one ass-kicking Muhammad…

… and a Muhammad drawing himself! (Can he do that?)

Thomas shows the power of a simple Photoshopping:

M.C. doesn’t get what all the fuss is about:

Ryan wishes everyone a happy Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!

Brian brought Harold “Rapture Day is May 21st” Camping into his drawing:

Rollingforest‘s Muhammad must have a day job:

Anonymous remembered the huge controversy that once erupted because a child named his cute, cuddly teddy bear Muhammad. Remember that?!

Leah made a Muhammad who looks pretty normal… until you notice the evil claw hands!

Daley drew Muhammad on a unicorn “to stand against the oppression of Muhammad images as well as unicorns.” Right on.

The Super Best Friends of Muhammad:

Jeff P. drew Muhammad alongside other figures involved in ascension myths:

J.M. put several fictional characters together in one drawing:

I think Ed is making a pitch for a new children’s television show:

Based on James‘ drawing, South Park was right! Muhammad and Jesus were Super Best Friends!

xJane put Muhammad alongside his prophetic peers:

Finally, thanks to Gordon, I thought I could never go to a McDonald’s again…

… but The Honest Atheist made up for it:

Thanks to everyone who submitted a drawing!

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  • Wow! So many amazing drawings. Thanks for featuring me again this year, Hemant. I’m glad to be part of this.

  • keddaw

    We do it to show that their religious rules are not binding on non-believers and hope that Christians take note!

  • Claudia

    Very nice. I think I like Ellysa’s best.

    Where’s yours Hemant?

  • WOO HOO! These are great.

  • In the movie Blasphemy, Mohammad, Buddha and Krishna are sitting together on a couch, watching a movie. They order pizza.

    Mohammad: “Sausage! Who ordered sausage?? Buddha was it you?”

    Buddha: “Shut up and eat it. It’s not gonna kill ya!”

    Mohammad: “You KNOW I don’t eat pork! You must respect that! It gives me heartburn…”

    Krishna: “Relax your crack.”

  • Reed Braden

    Thanks for putting mine up, as horrendously offensive as it is!

  • That unicorn is not pink! Nor invisible! I am offended!

    I had an idea for a drawing this year but I couldn’t get around to fleshing it out. Maybe I’ll just repost the one I drew last year.

  • Jeffery

    Thanks for posting mine! These are all fantastic. I think Claudia’s is my favorite.

  • Thegoodman

    Personally, I prefer the nickname “Hammy” over “Mo”. ASCII Art ftw.

    …|….` ~~ `….|

  • jose

    Wow there’s so much Muhammad in this thread!

    To answer your question, yes, Muhammad can draw himself, but as soon as he’s done, he must commit suicide.

  • Let’s see mo’ of Mo’ !

    Thanks for doing this Hemant. If we all survive the rapture tomorrow and the radical backlash on Sunday then we’ll be ok.

  • Chris aka “Happy Cat”

    Hemant, you only noticed my Mo’s unique facial hair? What about Aisha’s “No Entry” sign over her nether regions? *sigh*. Sorry for the crappy quality of the pic. It was drawn in under 2 minutes. 🙁

    Thanks for posting and keep up the good work.

  • Patrik

    Ryan’s spirograph one is pure genius! All of them are appropriately offensive, good job people.

  • Gryphon

    I don’t see mine?
    anyway nice list, some really artistic & funny ones 🙂

  • Nordog

    So many of these are quite amazing. I particularly like the one with the family pic on the refridgerator.

    When people hear about Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, they want to know: Why do it? Why be jerks about it? Why are you all intolerant of Islam? Why be dicks when you can be friendly?

    None of these questions came to mind. Rather, I couldn’t (and can’t) help but wonder, aren’t you worried about your safety?

  • Suzanne

    Wow.. some of those are really funny! Awesome job, everyone. I wish I’d done one too.. hmm…

    Muhammad –> 🙂

  • annette

    I’ve enjoyed these both years, Hemant. I hope you’ll stay safe!

  • Larry Meredith

    I just made one this morning.


  • i’m not a very good drawing person so i’ll just make my Mo a smiley 😉

    it’s just so absurd, isn’t it? i mean, devout muslims who knew the man himself used to draw him. are they are burning in hell right now? obviously not. they’re dead and don’t think, feel or act about anything one way or the other.

    my knowledge of this topic is weak. why did the ban become popular, and who first began to enforce it, violently? i will be a devil’s advocate and also say that in a way, i sort of like the idea of a ban. if i were a believer, i’d like to be free to imagine that Mo looked ‘just like me’ or like people who i admire or something. the xtians do this; i’ve seen more images that differ of christ than i can count. everything from blonde, blue eyed Nordic jeebus to wooly haired bronze skinned afro-jeebus. i’ve even seen images of the mary and child figures in korean traditional style.

    if you need to believe in a god, you should have the freedom to have a representation or icon of it. i honestly can’t understand why people would want to restrict that freedom, even if they are claiming to do it to ‘protect’ the faith. from, what exactly? bad artists like me? i doubt the god and its messengers are that intimidated by my smiley. and if they are, why worship them?

  • Jannah

    Nice drawings. Mine isn’t here though, oh well. It’s all over facebook. Nice work, everybody!

  • Attention Islamic terrorists who are planning on tracking down and killing all the artists who submitted drawings of Muhammad:

    I just wanted to point out that with my entry, I did not actually personally do the drawing of Muhammad. I merely cut and pasted a few images I found on the internet into a compilation of mythical figures that some believe ascended up to heaven. The Islamic holy books don’t mention “cutting and pasting” as a killable offence. Certainly Allah would have had foreknowledge about “cutting and pasting” and included it in the Koran if it bothered him.

  • Kristena

    Thanks for posting my drawing, Hemant !!! & awesome work, everyone (:

  • Muslim

    @Jeff P

    Islamic Holy books don’t mention killing people for depicting Muhammad either.

    Your point? That you haven’t read the Koran…?

  • Matt

    Is it to late to subbmit mine? I almost forgot about Draw Mhammad day. http://www.flickr.com/photos/63126101@N07/5741044458/in/pool-1682691@N22/

  • Michael

    Thanks H for posting my drawing. These are all awesome. Great statement we all made here.

  • Tony

    In the movie Blasphemy, Mohammad, Buddha and Krishna are sitting together on a couch, watching a movie. They order pizza.

    Mohammad: “Sausage! Who ordered sausage?? Buddha was it you?”

    Buddha: “Shut up and eat it. It’s not gonna kill ya!”

    Mohammad: “You KNOW I don’t eat pork! You must respect that! It gives me heartburn…”

    Krishna: “Relax your crack.”

    Wouldn’t Buddha have asked the pizza joint to “Make me one with everything”?

  • Laurence

    Great work everyone, I’ve seen some images which seemed to focus on insulting or dehumanising muslims which didn’t sit very comfortably with me but these generally seem to come from a good place.
    I don’t know if we’re voting for favourites but I liked Ash – Emohommad and Jose – Muhammed drawing himself best.

  • Leah

    Nice one Hemant. Hope you stay safe.

    I used to be ashamed of my fear of extremists, but I enjoyed Richard Dawkins’ spin on it at last year’s atheist convention in Melbourne. To paraphrase, he said he targets Christianity more than Islam because he fears being physically attacked. He said [to Islamic extremists] something along the lines of ‘Do not think I refrain from targeting you out of respect, it is only out of fear. I fear you – do not for one minute think I respect you.’ Nice one Dawky.

  • I didn’t have time to send mine in to you, Hemant, because I didn’t get it put together in time….but I did manage to put together an unofficial EP on behalf of my band, with Mohammed depicted on the cover (along with Jesus, to be fair). We called it the “Draw Mohammed Day/Rapture Weekend 2011 EP.” It’s free for download here:


  • @Muslim,

    All my post said was that the Islamic holy books didn’t mention “cutting and pasting” as a killable offence. I didn’t specifically say that any such holy book said that drawing was a killable offence. Admittedly I am not a scholar of Islamic literature, but it should be taken for granted that a sizable Muslim population (even if a minority) does think there is at least some reference in some Islamic texts telling the devout to kill drawers of Muhammad since some devout Muslims do kill (or try to kill) people for drawing Muhammad and they say is it based on some holy texts. If all of these people (doing the killing) are merely uneducated in what the Islamic holy books really say, then it is them that you should focus your energy on to re-educate in the proper interpretation of the texts.

  • There is one reason and one reason only I don’t draw Muhammed. I can’t draw.

  • Muslim

    @Jeff P

    Educate yourself on the Middle East and Islam, there are 1 million dead Iraqis and Afghans thanks to Americans, 5 million orphans, it was after the collapse of the Ottoman empire that the Middle East began its decline, for decades now Western governments have been overthrowing our governments and installing oil dictatorships.

    Basically, Islamic terrorism is in response to Western neocolonialism.

  • loopsyel

    @ Muslim

    Basically, Islamic terrorism is in response to Western neocolonialism.

    …and Iraq and Afghanistan are in response to Islamic terrorism…and more Islamic terrorism is in response to Iraq and Afghanistan…

    It’s a vicious cycle, no? Who’s going to stop killing first? My money’s on the atheists! So sad we have no power.

    But anyway, lots of great drawings here. Fighting absurdity with absurdity. Here’s hoping that this will not goad a similar vicious cycle.

  • @Muslim,

    Well hopefully the “Arab Spring” will start to change all that.

  • Muslim

    @Jeff P

    Why did you put Arab Spring in quotes?

  • @Muslim,

    I didn’t mean anything negative with the quotes. I sometimes quote stuff just to draw attention to it. I think the Arab Spring is a real and meaningful movement. I wish it success.

  • Ron in Houston

    Just because I have the right to say that Hemant is a dumb a$$ piece of sh** doesn’t mean that I should do it.

    Sorry but being a dick to people just because you can isn’t right in my book.

  • Jim Baerg

    Re: the 1st 2 ‘Mohammeds’
    Apparently there is a tradition in the muslim world of doing calligraphy such that a word looks like a picture of something. When I heard about that I thought is was a bit like Catholics having a ban on meat on Friday & then declaring that fish isn’t meat.

    Re: decline of the Muslim world.
    I would put the start far earlier than the end of the Ottoman empire. It’s hard to think of scientific or technical innovations from the Muslim world later than the 13th or 14th centuries.

  • Ash


    “Just because I have the right to say that Hemant is a dumb a$$ piece of sh** doesn’t mean that I should do it….Sorry but being a dick to people just because you can isn’t right in my book.”

    But what if Hemant claimed that you don’t have the right to insult him and that doing so is punishable by death? And what if he gathered a following of people who agreed with him, some of whom carried out that threat by murdering people who had insulted him? In the face of the violent Hemantians who continuously shouted that death awaits any who insult their leader, perhaps it would be worthwhile to organize a resistance to show that a free people will not be cowed. And what if it wasn’t limited to insults…what if *any* verbal description of Hemant was deemed offensive? Would you then not think that this would be worthy of some kind of response?

    In light of this more accurate context, maybe you might realize that what is happening here has nothing to do with being a dick to people just for the sake of being dicks, but is a resistance to censure backed by threats of violence.

  • Ash


    I think modern Islamic terrorism has less to do with Western neocolonialism and more to do with an irrational hatred of Israel (and Western support of it).

    Violence in regards to drawings of Mohammad have even less to do with neocolonialism and a lot to do with religious insanity.

  • Muslim

    @Jim Baerg

    The decline of the Muslim world in the sense of hegemonic dominance and power.

    The decline of the Middle Eastern intellectualism began after the Mongol conquests.

  • Muslim


    I’m not going to debate you on this, a staunch anti-Zionist and a staunch Zionist are the same, Israel either does everything wrong or does everything right.

  • Muslim

    Thought I would share some classical Arabic music based upon music sung in the mosques of Spain during the medieval ages since we’re on this subject.


  • Ash


    “I’m not going to debate you on this”

    Are you denying that Israel plays a central role in modern terrorism? If you do, then you are no longer credible, since that seems like a plain fact. If you don’t, then why not simply concede the point?

    “…a staunch anti-Zionist and a staunch Zionist are the same, Israel either does everything wrong or does everything right.”

    Except that “staunch Zionists” don’t tend to fly planes into public buildings or murder people for drawings they don’t like.

  • I like the pictures, especially the ones pointing out the mistreatment of women and the ones that are just meant to point out the absurdity of being offended by a drawing of Mohammad.

    I wrote an entry responding to criticism of EDMD and pointing out differences between EDMD as criticism of Islamic violence and actual discrimination against Muslims. I borrowed two of the pictures from this post for my entry, with credit to the drawers and to this site, of course. I hope that’s okay.


  • Muslim


    Yeah, yeah, Ash… Israel is right and all those who insult Israel are evil, Israel has never done anything wrong, ever… etc… I’ve heard it a thousand times.

    Again, I’m not going to debate you on this, I know how you’ll respond.

  • Ash


    What on Earth are you talking about? You are having some kind of fantasy debate in your head. I haven’t made any kind of argument about Israel being good or evil or right or wrong. My point was to counter your claim that terrorism is about Western neocolonialism by asserting it’s essentially about Israel (mixed with religious insanity)….I didn’t make any kind of point about Israel itself. And so far I haven’t heard you deny my assertion.

  • 7fta

    I think I busted the wheel on my mouse getting to the bottom of this post! Happy Rapture Day!

  • Muslim


    *sigh*, you’re an aggressive and angry Atheist, you probably think I’m a terrorist as well.

    I’m not having this conversation with you. You’ve already shown your true colors, gj.

  • loopsyel

    @Ash…and everyone else…

    That’s about 2 or 3 straw men, a little ad hominem, and even a red herring from Muslim’s last few posts. That’s some heavy trolling. I say let’s leave it at “What on Earth are you talking about?” until this person decides to make an intelligent comment.

  • Ash


    Yeah, ‘Muslim’ jumped the shark with “you probably think I’m a terrorist”. But he still didn’t deny my assertions 🙂

  • Sinfanti

    I like Susan’s pic with the point that Muhammad is the most common name on the planet. I would suggest a warning at the bottom that naming your teddy bear Muhammad will get you a death sentence.

  • Muslim


    I’m a primitive raghead sandnigger and everything I do is inferior to you great Westerners.

    The East has obviously never invented anything, the worlds first civilizations were in Europe (pahahahaha).


    I could care less now, fuck the West, go back to your “nuke the Mudslimes” rally.

    I’m an apathetic Muslim.

  • Gordon

    Religion poisons everything!

  • Certainly there are multiple causes for the problems in the middle East. Neocolonialism, religion, entrenched monarchies, Israel, etc.

    I’m personally of the opinion that low self-esteem of being down and out for too long is also a factor.
    When you are on the top of your game, everybody else looks good and you can be tolerant of differing viewpoints. . When you are down and out, everybody else looks like they are out to get you and you circle the wagons and fight anything that is different. Here is to the Middle East moving to be on the top of their game. Once they get to the top of their game, they will probably not care if people draw Muhammad. They might even have joke draw Muhammad days themselves.

  • Iranian

    @Jeff P

    Exactly Jeff, we need to slaughter Islam in Iran and establish an NS state.


  • Anon

    Was too busy yesterday :\ Will post something next year ^^
    Good job guys. The more the merrier.

  • Actually, I think y’all are being a bunch of dicks. Clueless dicks, but dicks nonetheless.

    Here in the US, Muslims represent a tiny portion of the total populace. They’ve faced considerable discrimination in the past and since 9/11 that discrimination has grown far worse. Since the conservatives have taken over part of the federal government and many state houses across the country, they’ve been actively trying their best to manipulate people’s fear of Muslims. Since they’re having increasing difficulty picking on LGBT people, they are now looking for other hated groups to focus upon. Nothing wins votes like appealing to collective hatred and fear. You are inadvertently whipping up increasingly ugly sentiments toward a minority faith. In so doing, you are feeding the same social forces and institutions that marginalize other minority beliefs, such as atheism and agnosticism.

    As time goes on, I am beginning to recognize that there is a sizable number of atheists who are stubbornly clueless about any anti-oppression work that lies outside of their own narrow agenda.

    I can’t and won’t support this ignorance.

  • Religion poisons everything!

    Actually, tribalism poisons everything and atheists are more than capable of engaging in that particular human foible.

  • OK, after spending time perusing those drawings, I’ve determined that this website has become a worthless, prejudicial piece of garbage.

    You people are assholes.

  • jose

    timberwraith, I think this thing is as dickish as a woman getting topless in a beach where men dissaprove such action. Men with a history of killing women who went topless in the past, and burning down their home because of it.

    If there are men who are in favor of individual liberty, all they have to do is say it. I welcome them with open arms. When nobody gives a fuck about drawing Mohammed, then nobody will draw Mohammed. The EDMD will disappear because it will be obsolete.

    I guess we measure different values through different scales 🙂

  • @timberwraith:
    As someone who’s from a Muslim family, I know that that conservatives advocate discrimination against my family, as well as against LGBTQIA people and many others. It’s possible to be against conservative discrimination against Muslims and also be against Muslims who discriminate against others or use violence against innocent people. I very much want to be allies with Muslims, and am sick and tired of being equated with people who hate my family and hate me by people who apparently make no effort to tell the difference between actual discrimination against Muslims and criticism of extreme Islamic violence.

  • Ash


    “You are inadvertently whipping up increasingly ugly sentiments toward a minority faith.”

    Really? How do you know that? Have you taken a scientific poll to see if EDMD has increased negative sentiments towards Muslims? I guess you haven’t and that you’re simply making assumptions. As far as you know, EDMD is having the intended effect: demystifying the drawing of Mohammad so that any given act of it is less offensive (or at least less agitating) leading to a reduction in tension. I think the fact that there are more drawings this year but much less noise being made about EDMD indirectly supports my contention.

    And you do realize that the Internet is an international platform, right? Muslims might be a minority religion in the US, but this project isn’t aimed at American Muslims. In fact, it isn’t aimed at Muslims qua Muslims at all…it’s aimed at anyone who thinks that people should self-censure based on the religious preference of one group, especially when that preference is backed by threat of violence.

  • @Ash:

    it’s aimed at anyone who thinks that people should self-censure based on the religious preference of one group, especially when that preference is backed by threat of violence.


  • Nordog

    Are you denying that Israel plays a central role in modern terrorism? If you do, then you are no longer credible, since that seems like a plain fact.

    Ash, what role do you mean? I suspect you mean that by Isael’s very existence it is a target of hate and that hate motivates terrorism by others.

    Or do you mean that Israel is in fact an agent of terrorism in the way the PLO, al Queda, or Hamas are?

  • Ash

    @Nordog: option #1

  • Nordog

    I thought so, and agree. It’s just as written I was afraid it was option #2.

  • Russell

    Woot! My Mo is now internet famous. Clearly they aren’t actually in any particular order, but I’m still going to cheer my top 20 placement.

    Thanks for the nod, Nordog. I was pretty proud of it.

  • i find it noteworthy that the only people on this thread to insult a living person are the believers. who also need to curse and insult to transmit their points, even tho no one did so to them first. how typical. thanks for giving us another example of why our theory about you is correct, and that you’re really just thin-skinned, insecure in your belief, and all about self-serving moralizing and judgement of others.

  • i find it noteworthy that the only people on this thread to insult a living person are the believers. who also need to curse and insult to transmit their points, even tho no one did so to them first.

    Um, no. I’m one of the people who responded with angry insults and I’m an atheist/agnostic. And you know what? I stand by my words. You people are behaving like assholes and clueless dicks.

    Besides, atheists have long spoken positively of saying insulting, disrespectful things to religious people. I’m engaging in similar behavior, only it’s aimed at my own kind. The medicine’s not so sweet when it lies upon your own tongue, no?

    The thing that gets me, more than anything else is this: there are a number of truly hateful images posted above, mixed in among the innocuous ones. A guy who is Muslim posts to the comment thread in anger. Go figure. And then, people pile on him for being so angry. How many people on this thread were able to empathize with his anger? How many people on this thread acknowledged the prejudice and hatred displayed in those images?

    Here’s the thing: if there was a day reserved in which mostly Christian people posted satirical images of atheists, living or dead, that contained a noticeable subset of hateful, prejudicial images, I would be understandably upset. If mostly straight people did the same thing with satirical images of LGBT people, living or dead, I’d be livid (I’m bi and trans, btw).

    I can empathize with the Muslim guy’s anger because I know what it’s like to be a member of a hated minority, I know what it’s like to receive a repressive level of scrutiny because of that minority status, and I understand what it’s like to have to deal with the witless majority who express their own privileges, prejudices, and animosities, often without even realizing it. I understand what its like to harbor a growing anger over these incidents, which accumulate across the course of one’s life. Might I loose control of that anger and sling an insult at a member of the majority? You bet. I’m as human as the next person.

    The utter lack of empathy displayed on this comment thread and the hypocrisy that is revealed by that emotional void are what galls me. It’s behavior like this that leaves me feeling ashamed to be associated with the more vocal parts of atheism. The fact that so few atheists have shown empathy in this matter makes me wonder if the current incarnation of the atheist movement is one that is worth supporting.

    Finally, why focus on satirically roasting Islam as a whole rather than the specific radical groups who were responsible for the violence and threats of violence in question? Make no mistake about it: those images of Mohammad with a bomb on his head and various other violent, prejudicial images call upon hateful stereotypes of Muslims that extend well past the group of radicals in question. When you use images such as these, you call upon the collective hatred manifested toward a religion that is a dispised minority in most English speaking countries, the same countries that form the bulk of this blog’s readership.

    By posting these images, this blog took part in supporting hatred. The regular commenters of this blog have had only positive things to say. That’s telling.

    We atheists sure do get upset when Christians use the specter of communism as leverage in critiquing atheism. It really bothers us when they call up images of communist repression in trying to portray us as bloodthirsty tyrants who value godlessness over human life. Perhaps a noted Christian leader should hold an Everybody Draw Your Favorite Atheist Dictator Day in order to sling a little satire toward non-believers? That would go over well, I’m sure.

    Once again, the medicine is not so sweet when it lies upon your own tongue.

    Now, let the rationalizations begin…

  • timberwraith,

    I’m a member of various minority groups, too (female, LGBT, atheist from a Muslim family, family members from India, etc.) so I do side with Muslims when they’re being discriminated against (being stopped from building a mosque, targeted for profiling or for certain laws taking away rights, people making unfair generalizations about all Muslims, etc.) Likewise, if someone is being discriminated against by Muslims, I’ll side with that person as well. I can understand what it’s like to be discriminated against by the majority, but also to be discriminated against by a minority group that is itself a target of discrimination. Being LGBT and female, for example, I’d be discriminated against by many Christians (who are majority group) and many Muslims (who are a minority group).

    I understand anger at those who are in the majority and perpetuating discrimination; I feel that way, too. (Though the reason I disagree with the above Muslim commenter is because he’s accusing people of holding views they didn’t actually express; if it’s unfair for people to generalize about Muslims, it’s unfair for Muslims to assume, by default, that anyone who disagrees with Islam must be racist/hate Muslims, must think Israel is perfect and never does anything wrong, etc.)

    I get angry at anyone who favors discrimination, whether they are in the majority or not. Being against those who favor discrimination and happen to be in the minority doesn’t mean I favor discrimination against that minority group. Do you really think that I favor discrimination against my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins because of actions taken by other Muslims? Of course I don’t! I get angry at anyone who suggests that all Muslims have to live with discriminatory laws because of what other Muslims did. Why should family and I be punished because other people who happen to have the same skin color or be from the same country or same religion did something wrong?

    And I think the comparison you make with the pictures of atheists is unfair. Atheists don’t consider those dictators prophets and aren’t threatening people who draw them. (Plus, Mohammad was the founder of Islam while those dictators weren’t the founders of atheism.) If there were atheist groups who were threatening to kill anyone who drew a picture of, say, some famous atheists who many atheists are fans of, then yes, I think people would be justified in drawing pictures to make a point, especially if (as is that case with this entry) it came with a message that the point of the event was freedom of speech. It’s the reason/explanation behind the event which makes the difference for me.

    I agree that there are some pictures I like and some I don’t like. I think the point of the event, though, is that even if I don’t like a particular picture, that does not mean I can ban or threaten the person who drew it.

  • Just wanted to add that the same Muslim commenter dropped by at my own blog and started citing statistics about Muslims who have died in other countries and bad actions taken by the US, writing “you’ve already taken enough rights away from Muslims” in response to parts of entry in which I emphasized why I think EDMD is not discriminatory against Muslims. I even mentioned things (like stopping Muslims from building mosques) that I think are discriminatory, mentioned that criticisms of Islam by Muslims are dismissed by other Muslims, and that the intention of criticisms matters (i.e. if someone is just offering criticisms of Islam with the goal of discriminating against Muslims, then that’s wrong). Despite all this, he still made the comment I quoted above.

    So, he gets to be angry at me for supporting EDMD, but I can’t be angry at him for assuming I support dictatorships and violence against innocent Muslims?

  • Ca6e

    Wrong all wars began with religion and its crusades and jihads! Ateists were just one the wrong place at the wrong time, and worst of worst ateist trought the history where thrated like an animals, and now they aspect us to love them, this religious fanatics. And tribalism, is standard isue of muslims countrys, not of ateism, we ateist do not group ourself, writing down holy books, how to live and how and who to kill, we just shere same opinion! We ateist do not threatn peoples around when they burn our national flag, and  its holy for americans as koran for muslims! And its also against the law, wich burning of koran and drowing mohamad isnt!!!

  • Ca6e

    U forget that islam destroyed persia, yp somthing wich in islamic state is forbbiden to teach! So muslims didnt invented anything, persians did, only thing invented by muslims are sueciders! And worst of all is thet that u hate your ancesters, yp Sionizem begin in mezopotamia, on the borders of toda iran and iraq above 3600 years ago, around 2100 before islam! U are all succesor of sionizm! And for me is those who hate their own ancestors is a fanatic!


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