The Boot Protest Guy is Back… May 19, 2011

The Boot Protest Guy is Back…

About a year ago, notorious campus preacher Brother Jed was at the University of Oregon spewing his blather when a clever student found a way to shut him up.

As Jed spoke, a student named Tony stood near him, preaching the Gospel of The Boot:

Tony was quite hysterical as a southern Baptist minister, and exceptionally clever, responding to questions on the fly. Someone would shout a question like, “What about Uggs?” and Tony would rant about the deception of the false boots that were unable to protect one’s feet from the wetness, and that the truth path was only found in the footwear that was capable of keeping your feet dry.

Why mention this again (besides the fact that it’s hilarious)?

Brother Jed was back in Oregon this week.

And Tony was there waiting for him 🙂

History repeated itself.

Here’s how Jed explained what went down on Facebook (emphasis mine):

When I reintroduced Sister Pat as celebrating her 82nd birthday she was given an ovation. However, thirty minutes into her talk. The “boot preacher” interrupted Sister Pat. He did his antics against me last year. He uses religious terminology and holds a boot up and exhorts people to worship the boot. He preaches nonsensical blather which is actually blasphemous mockery of God. He delighted the students though. Sister Pat stood aside and let him have the floor, which is usually the wisest thing to do since these guys usually run of gas eventually. In his case about 4 PM it started raining again and everyone scattered. Sister Pat said, “That was the devil interrupting, I was making many good gospel points.”

Sister Pat wasn’t the only person who “stood aside,” though. Based on the pictures below, Jed decided to take a seat, too. (He’s on the far right in this first image.)

I love how a clever student (with a lot of supporters) can bring down a crazy preacher who does this sort of shit for a living.

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  • Larry Meredith

    He preaches nonsensical blather

    wait wut

  • Donna

    Tony is my new hero. Did anyone catch this on video?

  • Boot to the head!

  • Marty

    Das Boot!

  • Tim

    I’m kinda curious about the hottie that Brother Jed is sitting with so closely. If that’s Sister Pat, it appears that Jed may be having an incestuous affair.

  • OregoniAn

    Makes me proud to be an Oregonian! We may have brother Jed out here, but we have more than enough “Tony’s” to make up for it. I live five blocks from the UofO campus and wish I had known he’d he’d be there.

    On a more serious note, you do indeed need to have some sort of relationship with boots out here. If not spiritual, at least a practical one.

    Good that Tony addressed Uggs – if there were a hell, that’s where those ugly things would be made..

  • kat

    I’m with Donna! Yo quiero video!

  • Where is the real preacher? That’s not immediately clear to us who are new to this situation. I see a guy with a boot. He’s not the real preacher, right? Where is the real preacher? In those pics?

  • Rich Samuels

    @ Joe

    I believe he’s the guy sat down in all three pictures with the slicked back greying hair.

  • tyrz


  • J. R.

    The “random” ad at the top of this page for me is….
    It’s a sign from God! Yes Lord, I will forever worship a single boot and will have no other boots before you. I will not make any graven images of other boots, for you are a jealous boot.
    What’d everyone else get? Is this my sign only or does it belong to everyone?

  • “That was the devil interrupting, I was making many good gospel points.”

    Surprised she didn’t say “That was God’s way of clearing out the blaphemous people.”

  • Chris

    I would love to see a youtube video of this and/or last year’s boot protest.

  • canzus

    @ Tim: the “hottie” is Brother Jed’s high-school-aged daughter whom he calls “the virgin.” During his preaching, he frequently calls on her to take over for him, and from what I observed, she basically stands up in front of everyone, Bible in hand, and takes questions from the crowd, which quickly de-escalates into pointless, circular arguments (from both sides.)

    “The virgin.” Delightful, right?

  • Steve

    Someone ask her if she is an oral, anal or vaginal virgin

  • Last year I did the photography of the Boot protest with my ancient Rebel 300d, incapable of recording video and this year I was at work, unable to leave otherwise I’d snagged the Canon 7d, and ran down the block to catch Tony.

    Pictures of last year’s protest can be seen here 🙂

  • Gibbon

    Footwear gospel has already been done. From Monty Python’s the Life of Brian:

    Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Shoe Scene

  • No offense to the band, but would any of these people qualify as a “Manic Street Preacher”?

  • Thomas L

    I actually argued with Brother Jed at Missouri S&T this spring. (man this guy has long travel legs) His arguments rely on form and not substance bashing people with minute facts. His boot didn’t come out through.

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