Team Diversity Still Has Time to Beat PZ! May 19, 2011

Team Diversity Still Has Time to Beat PZ!

The good side is still fighting to raise more money than PZ Myers on behalf of Camp Quest!

Sure, PZ might have raised over $8,600… but before you make a donation, think long and hard about which team you want to donate to. The team consisting of only older, white men? Or the team full of women, minorities, young people, and underdogs?!

Oh. And I heard a rumor that PZ hangs out with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort on the weekends. You wouldn’t want your donations supporting an atheist like THAT, would you?!

I’ll make it easier for everyone to donate, too. The widget is in the sidebar on the right for the next couple weeks!

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  • annette

    You’ve convinced me, Hemant. I’m making my donation to y’all right now! Compelling stuff! 🙂

  • coyotenose

    It’s so tempting to help the cause by starting a story like the one about Ken Ham and piglets… but everyone already knows about PZ’s Republicanesque scandals with young cephalopod interns, so who would even raise an eyebrow?

  • I chipped in half an hour before I saw this post. Does it still count?

  • Karen

    Ha! We at team PZ will knock your socks off!

  • And a teenager, you looked like you needed some help :):
    The lessons of Evolution

  • Roxane

    What should I do as an old white woman, whose money was earned by an old white male evolutionary biologist? You’re not making this easy for me.

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