What Will Happen Post-Rapture? May 18, 2011

What Will Happen Post-Rapture?

Nothing out of the ordinary:

(via Doonesbury)

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  • Richard Wade

    I wonder how many of the rapture-righteous paid their rent at the beginning of this month.

  • Steve

    xkcd also has a Rapture comic:

    The first panel is a reference to the recurring Raptorphobia theme:

  • pirmas407

    It is only polite if you plan to be in the building for 21 days.

  • Richard Wade

    Ah, of course, you’re right. I must be fair. Still I wonder how many will be buying a whole week’s worth of groceries.

  • It would be funny if Hemant didn’t post anything on May 21st and everybody here concluded that God only beamed up those that came from a Jainism background… leaving everybody else behind.

    But we all know Hemant will give periodic updates throughout the day as to whether he is still here or not. 🙂

    I wonder if Harold Camping will give periodic updates throughout the day?

  • Mark Plus

    I’ve survived the rapture since 1988:


  • Rich Wilson

    Isn’t there a site out there lets you prepare messages to all your non-saved family, so when the rapture comes, they’ll all get an email explaining what happened? And it’s run by a “dead man” switch, so it will fire when the admin isn’t around to stop it.

    Now THAT would make for a good 4chan prank hack…

  • I can see it now.

    News wire:

    Harold Camping not seen since May 20th.
    Assumed raptured.
    Donated money apparently raptured as well.

  • honestly, i really want it to happen. i won’t be going anywhere, having rejected christ and gawd and all those types. and it would be so nice to live in a world without the fundies. think about how great that would be. i’d lose a couple of clients, but i’d likely pick up a lot more as replacements, once sense and reason were back as dominant modes in our society. atheists are better in business, government and economics, i have no doubt about this. it’s why the believers have to corrupt everything in order to prosper. it’s the only way they can survive, not being intelligent or educated enough about reality to function in it and compete fairly with those of us who employ science and critical thought.

  • Richard Wade’s Evil Twin

    Hmmm. This might be a good time to get rid of your insufferable brother-in-law. Dump his body in an abandoned mineshaft and nobody will be looking for him. They’ll just assume he was raptured along with all the other insufferable brothers-in law.

  • scott-k

    Personally, I’m looking forward to toasting this non-event with my dad.

  • Russell Altizer

    The real benefit will be that, if the christians really are raptured, there won’t be anyone to stand in the way of scientific discovery by saying “stop playing god,” so maybe the scientists can build up some steam on the anti-Armageddon front.

  • todwith1d

    what comes before part-b ?

  • I’m pretty sure that Monday will be no worse than any other Monday except that I’m going to be much meaner to cRapturists than normal. They hold funny beliefs and laughing at them is entirely appropriate.

  • Venture Free

    Am I the only one that wondered for a moment what a Unima Ginable horror was?

  • amber

    lmao@venture free, I had to look twice at that.

  • Missing: Jesus. Failed to Arrive Home. Get your poster/flyer to handout! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220787789609&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

    too funny. Great for this week at work!

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