Speaking at the Secular Student Alliance May 18, 2011

Speaking at the Secular Student Alliance

I can finally announce that I’ll be speaking at the Secular Student Alliance annual conference!

It’ll take place July 29th-31st in Columbus, OH, and the lineup is looking amazing…

PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Greta Christina, David Silverman, Jen McCreight

And Jessica Ahlquist! (If I could squee, I would.)

Edit: More speakers are being announced every week.

You can register for the conference here. Do it!

Also… what should I talk about this year? I have 20 minutes or so! Must make the best of it…

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  • Claudia

    How about minority inclusion into SSAs? In the realm of being a minority high schooler atheist I bat a pitiful 0-0-1, but I suppose you would know plenty Hemant. What’s the ethnic makeup of SSAs? How can everyone, but especially student groups, make themselves welcoming?

    I say this because you’re the only person of color lined up for now. If there’s going to be any African American speaker it would be even better if they could comment on it. You are awesome Hemant, but blacks outnumber Indians a bajillion to one or so, so they (or a latino) would be the ideal person for that kind of talk.

  • Stephan

    Looking forward to it…remember one thing:

    Entertain me!

  • seconding the need for more atheists of (any) color at these things.

    what should you talk about? i say go with funny. pick the most amusing and ridiculous examples of believer silliness from the last few months; it should be easy to do as you’ve already posted a ton of them on the blog. conferences tend to get overly serious and thus boring, and audiences always appreciate some humor to break things up.

    you could title it something like, “which of these is the most ridiculous claim by these selected believers?”

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