Still Accepting Muhammads… May 16, 2011

Still Accepting Muhammads…

I know, I know…

Last week, I said it was the deadline for sending me your drawings of Muhammad for Friday’s Draw Muhammad Day sequel.

So many of you sent me amazing entries, though… The count is currently 44 drawings of Muhammad.

It’s seriously incredible.

I get the feeling there are more of you who *think* the deadline is over… but screw it. I’ll still accept them through Wednesday. That’ll give me enough time to put together the post.

So it’s not too late to participate! What am I looking for? Anything, really.

An artistic masterpiece, a stick figure, a witty way to show your feelings about the “Can’t-Draw-Muhammad Rule.” Be offensive or not (I prefer not). The more thought-provoking and creative, the better.

Send your drawings to me when you’re done. Your anonymity will be protected unless you tell me otherwise.

Thanks again!

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  • Time to break out the iPad….

  • Susan Robinson

    How do I send you a drawing if my system is not set up for outlook email?

  • Damn it, it makes me wish I had a way to put my little sketch (of Mohammed and the Pope exchanging a bro-fist outside a nursery) onto the computer. I’d finished it before I realised my scanner was dead.

  • Claudia

    How do I send you a drawing if my system is not set up for outlook email?

    Almost all webmail systems let you attach files. If that’s problematic for whatever reason, you can register for a photobucket account (to name an example), upload the picture there and send Hemant the link.

  • The fact that Draw Muhammed Day 2011 is the day before the rapture can’t be a coincidence, can it?

  • M Jacobs

    I like the Draw Muhammad day, in theory. On the other hand, in a global context that involves a majority Christian nation (us) killing, torturing, and imprisoning Muslims on a regular basis, the whole things smacks of triumphalism. I know that’s not the intent, but I fear that’s the odor this kind of thing gives off right now. Context matters.

  • CAV

    But I really CAN’T draw Mo…

    because I can’t draw period.

  • Rick

    I can’t draw, but I have an idea for a single panel drawing:

    Drawing Title: “Ask the Substitute Mo”

    Question from the audience: How many Islamofascists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    Substitute Mo’s answer: Infinite. Can’t be done. They keep trying to use an imaginary light bulb, not one that’s real.

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