Rapture Believers, What Are You Waiting For? May 16, 2011

Rapture Believers, What Are You Waiting For?

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  • pjb863

    Waiting for? Here’s what I’ve noticed: Most rapture-promoting websites, organizations, etc. are still pimping for money. Now, maybe I’m way too cynical, but could it just be that in addition to duping the sheeple into thinking that the end is near, these outfits are telling their adherents that

    “since you’re not going to need money where you/we are going, give it to us!”

    It just proves what P.T. Barnum said – “there’s a sucker born every minute and two more to take him.”

  • A Cool Dude

    Someone really needs to point out Mark 13:32 to the rapture people. In reference to when the second coming/rapture/whatever will happen:
    “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

    Sooo even Jesus doesn’t know when he’s getting here y’all. Sorry religious thieves, guess you’ll have to cook up another scam preying on the gullible!

  • Richard P.

    Most rapture-promoting websites, organizations, etc. are still pimping for money.

    Maybe it’s because no one will give them credit.

  • Brian

    Jesus, being the “son” part of the triune god, apparently disguised himself as himself as the “holy spirit” part of the triune god, with the connivance of himself as the “father” part of the triune god to screw his own mother, eh? Or was Jesus just watchin’?

    This trinity thing has always confused me.

  • I think that the cRapturists should go further and give away their homes, cars, even the clothes on their back before May 21st. Surely such displays of adherence and piety will impress the Lord Zeus and he will smile upon them benevolently. Or stuff.

    I fact if they want to max out their credit cards and take out loans too that’d be grand. I’ll even “look after” the money for them and keep it company while they are floating away to dreamland on a big, white, fluffy cloud.

  • Kristi

    I almost wish this were true… what else could possibly be more satisfying than watching all the crazies flitter away through the skies and into heaven only to see them get stuck because they missed the ‘window’ to cross through the atmosphere 🙂

    Sorry, on a serious note… well, considering the topic, how can ANYONE be serious about this. Every time I think about it all I can do is laugh. I just cant even keep a straight face anymore just hearing the date in a non-rapture conversation. 😀

  • JD

    It is very irritating. Not only is rapture not true, it’s not even slightly consistent with the Christian Bible, because of the verse given above. Now we have to be annoyed with stupider than normal billboards as a result.

  • Randy

    These guys are late! I just read Jesus is back already, with Mary, and have set up shop in Australia!! Who knew!

  • Rich Wilson
  • Chakolate

    Okay, this is just kvetching, but why do people make videos consisting only of written words? Why not just write a paragraph? I could have read that in a quarter of the time it took to watch it.

    grump,grumble, and YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!

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