A Fun Response to Rapture Day May 16, 2011

A Fun Response to Rapture Day

As May 21st approaches, reader Amanda has a fantastic idea:

Everyone gather up a full set of clothes, including shoes.

Place them in a public area on May 21st, as if someone was raptured.

Underneath, place a note which says: “The rapture is a MYTH, but people and their needs are REAL, and these clothes were placed there for someone who needs them.”

Make it happen! Actions speak louder than the words of crazy people.

Barring that, I also approve of faking out your Christian friends that day:

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  • Darryl

    I saw the Prank 3:16 clip a few years ago, presented on a Christian video site. I don’t buy that it’s a real prank, though. The response of the “victim” seems like really bad acting to me, and the “hidden” camera seems to be up and walking around quite a bit during the denouement. (Take it from an actor. It’s really hard to fake genuine surprise and fear, and this girl doesn’t pull it off.) So, what we have here is Christians lying to the viewer about how they lied to a girl and tricked her. I recall another video by the same group that purported to show a pastor being visited by the IRS and his ministry audited, and it also played more like lame dramatics than actual prank footage.
    I love the idea of the clothes donation. I’m going to have to get some friends to help me do that one!

  • Adam

    I love that video hahahaha

  • The best part about the rapture is that even if we’re wrong, we get rid of the annoying Christians.

    It’s win-win for atheists.

  • Rich Wilson
  • My biggest fear is that due to some divine clerical mistake, I will accidentally be raptured along with all the fundies and have to spend eternity worshiping and bowing down along with the rest of them in some kind of eternal fear-laden prayer circle. I’ve been to church before and heard them doing that kind of stuff for perhaps 45 minutes at a time, but I can’t image having to listen to it 24/7 every day forever. I would definitely need to find a way to sneak back down to Earth.

    P.S. Its not really my biggest fear. 🙂 Although, it would be if the rapture actually happened.

  • Pureone

    please don’t leave your clothes in a public place. that’s littering, It’s unlikely anyone is going to pick them up. if you want to make a point like that, you should have had a rapture clothes drive…

  • On May 21st, fundies will play a similar yet inverted prank on non-theists by not vanishing from the face of the earth. That will be the cruelest prank of them all.

  • At midnight the eve of the 22nd, there will be hidden camera footage from the world over showing startled non-theists walking into rooms saying things like “whats going on? Why is everyone still here? Oh my god! I think… I think the rapture didn’t happen… Oh my god! We were just talking about this… This can’t be happening. Why are you all still here?!”.

  • Lgirl

    @Jeff P.
    LOL now that WOULD be Hell…

  • i don’t really have any religious friends. my BIL is devout, but other than him and a client of mine who is a Muslim, there just aren’t any believers in my life. the closest i can think of is a lover who is vaguely christian but not into theology and who left her church recently because of their negative stance about gay marriage. i suppose this makes me odd, but i have noticed that the minority of atheists tend to be friends in this country with each other. i suppose there are valid reasons why.

    and i agree with pureone: take your clothes to a shelter. leave an old shoe or something next to the sign on the sidewalk if you want to do the rapture day prank, but if you have valuable donations, take them to the right people so you’re sure they will eventually help someone.

  • Heidi

    I’m hoping against hope in favor of a rapture. Population control, check. Global warming, check. No more TeaBaggers, check. Jobs for everyone, check.

  • Richard P.

    I am going on a trip. Decided to leave on the 20 instead of the 21st. Just in case people start disappearing on the highway. I thought it would be cool to wait and see if I could get my hands on a better car but, I am worried god might booby trap them.

    I also wanted to be in a larger center for the rapture parties. I am thinking on the 22nd to go scout bridges to see if there is anyone around that needs to be talked down.
    You guys in down south should keep a look out too. We just might find a few converts hanging on the balance. (pun intended)

  • frizzlefrazzle

    Jeff P wins!

    I think the next person who asks me about death, that will be my response, of course, I’ll emphasize how awful I think that place would be. (Because, I’d honestly find that to be terrible).

  • flatlander100

    Pretty clear, I think, that it’s staged, as others have noted. But should anyone propose such a prank be done seriously, I’d suggest strongly that it not be. Wouldn’t be funny at all to reduce a rapture-believer to terror and then laugh at him. It’d be the same sort of petty cruelty as jeering at retarded kids because of their retardation.

  • SisyphusRocks

    Cyanide & Happiness (Explosm) has an end-of-days sale, now through May 23rd:

    Coupon code: Rapture

  • David Weidner

    Looks really fake to me. The victim is in on it too. And she is really not a good actor. You’ve all been duped.

  • Anonymous Christian

    May I ask you guys a few questions? Why is it that atheists always attack people that do believe in God? Is it not our choice as to whether or not we believe? I respect that you don’t believe in God but leave the Theists alone. Christians and Jews will never try to force our faith and our belief structure on you. A man comes to God by choice. If someone could explain to me why you attack us without attacking me as a person, I would greately appreciate it.

  • Baconsbud

    Anonymous did you really choice or was the reason you believe is because it was what you were taught as a child? Have you really ever asked why you don’t believe in the many other gods that are said to be the one true gods?

  • SkullVodka

    Anonymous Christian Says:

    “Christians and Jews will never try to force our faith and our belief structure on you.”

    Wow, just wow.

  • Vanessa

    @ Anonymous Christian

    I definitely ascribe to “live and let live” but just as there are MANY Christians and Jews who would try to force their faith on me, there are atheists who will try to force their atheism on others. It is a battle of people who think they are right trying to change the minds of other people who think they are wrong. And it will never end. Unless of course the Rapture actually occurs…

  • Steve

    Well, he is half right. Jews don’t proselytize. Christians on the other hand, and in particular American Christians and evangelicals, do nothing but. They can’t convert people by force anymore, but their behavior is no less immoral and obnoxious. Either it’s indoctrinating young children, harassing adults who want to be left alone or constantly injecting religion into education and politics.

  • Too funny!

  • Amanda

    It just hit Gizmodo! Wooo!

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