West Coast Rapture Party May 15, 2011

West Coast Rapture Party

For anyone near Oakland, California, there’s a Rapture Party taking place May 21-22! The schedule is here (PDF) and there are a lot of fantastic speakers lined up.

Plus, there’s this billboard advertising it. How could you not go?!

(Thanks to Larry for the link!)

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  • John

    I’d love to know if there is anything similar lined up on the East Coast?

  • Annie

    John- I’m having a post rapture pool party on Sunday… anywhere near Florida? Though I must admit, we’re just going to swim and drink beer… not nearly as thought-out as the Oakland event.

  • SlipperyWhenWet

    Anything in New England?

  • Troglodyke

    Like many on this blog, I’ve had doubts about the “You KNOW it’s…” billboard campaign. I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them, either.

    But this one is perfect, because the rapture crap (crapture?) is silly even for most theists. This could prove a nice segue into them seeing future billboards and thinking, “Hmmm.”

  • gwen

    …and I will see Larry there!!!

  • the downfall is that it is the same weekend as Maker Fair in San Mateo which I will have a booth, danged apocalypse picked a bad weekend…

  • Peter Mahoney

    How do we get maximum media coverage of this whole rapture prediction (and use it as a jumping point to discuss the prior failed Bible-based predictions, the insanity of it all, etc.)??

  • Saltyestelle

    skeletaldropkick, I KNOW!!! I’ll see you at maker fair on Sunday. what is your booth about?

  • If only! It would be a great birthday party for me, too. It does sound like fun.

  • Ellis Weiner

    Sorry I can’t be there. But just in case, why not hedge your bet (and have fun doing it) by learning how to maximize your portfolio and enjoy a (brief, hectic) retirement during the Tribulation? Check out How to Profit from the Coming Rapture:


  • Colt

    So excited to be going! (Even though I got billed twice for it.) Can’t make the events on Sunday because of work, but Saturday is going to be super awesome!!! 🙂

  • Gary

    I wish there was something on the east coast. You left-coasters have all the fun!

    “Anywhere where two or more are gathered, we can mock the superstitious god squad” – The Flying Spaghetti Monster

  • Patrick

    Well, I think that no matter where you look, an understanding of the subject rarely exists. Most people who profess faith have touched the face of God and refused to look, because they think God cannot be understood. Most atheists, because of this view, reject the premise of God as a fantasy, but I think that most agnostic atheists would, if given an explanation which makes sense to them, also come to an understanding of God, correct? I can only claim to understand the little pieces of God which I can see, but I have also collected what opinions I could find of others on God, so that I can paint a more clear picture. A nearly Scientific approach to God, and my thoughts and scientific approach was what brought me back to faith, oddly enough.

  • Well, up here in the Puget Sound area many of the atheists have teamed up namely the “Ask an Atheist” radio show and Seattle Atheists to have a party on May 22nd at Dorky’s arcade in Tacoma.
    Seattle Atheists are also sponsoring the Rapture Relief charity function in the hope to raise money for Camp Quest (should the rapture not occur). So far we have roughly $2,000 out of the $5,000 we hoped for which is not bad! Camp Quest is a secular summer camp that fosters critical thought and science.

    If any of you are in the area stop on by!

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