Shirts for the Rapture May 15, 2011

Shirts for the Rapture

Reader Sebastian created a lot of awesome t-shirt designs that atheists might like to wear during the Impending Rapture:

A few more designs can be found here!

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  • I want the “too heavy to be saved” version! And kudos for using plus sized models.

  • David

    If you find the Family Radio people out at an event, it’s possible to get a free t-shirt from them. I did so yesterday and look forward to wearing it after the 21st.

    I’m just having trouble deciding what to write on it with marker…

    “I forgot to carry the 1..”
    “Or Not”

  • Nick

    The designs you post here always seem to be very weak an amateur.

  • MamaGump

    As opposed to your sterling prose, Nick, which is clearly the work of a master wordsmith.

  • Joe

    May 21, 2011. Rapture day. May 22, 2011 – weak-ass excuse day.

  • Weak designs. It’s like an advertisement…I really like this blog, but posts like this disappoint…

    I have an atheist store on zazzle too, but this is tacky.

  • Jon Peterson

    I just saw the Bible Math shirt there, and now I’m utterly confused. The numbers! What do they mean?! What kind of retardation caused people to associate them like that?

    And how the #*&$ do other people actually think it’s valid?

  • John

    What about the taunting one: “Did Jesus Come Back Today?”

  • Tristan Lawksley

    The one I suggested on American Atheist:

    Stood Up By Jesus?
    Embrace Atheism!

  • Madeline

    How about: “May 22nd: I guess HE’s just not that into you.” Or “May 22nd: Awkward!”

  • Adam


  • Emma

    I like the first one in particular. Though I recently read the book of Mark for a college class, and the part of it where Jesus talks about the apocalypse is interesting.

    1) First he says that, though they can’t know exactly when it will happen, “this generation will not pass away until these events have taken place.” (13.30) So arguably, this predicting-the-rapture-except-it-doesn’t-happen-when-it’s-supposed-too phenomenon arguably goes back to Jesus himself.

    2) My footnotes tell me that Jesus may not have been predicting the end times literally. Rather, he was predicting that the Romans would decide the Jews and Christians were too uppity, and do a massive scorched-earth campaign of persecution on them. It was a pretty reasonable prediction, since Romans had done this to other conquered populations. And apparently they did do the same thing to the Jews and Christians a couple decades after Jesus died.

    Then again, I have no idea what the rest of the bible says on this subject. So maybe this Rapture stuff comes from somewhere else.

  • I would be proud to wear that rapture veteran shirt.

  • david
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