Do They Ever Grow Up…? May 15, 2011

Do They Ever Grow Up…?

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  • No.
    An extended family member who was a Catholic priest told my mother her stillborn child wasn’t Baptised, therefore he wasn’t going to Heaven.
    Now, I don’t even believe in Heaven, but that still makes me angry.

  • Steve

    Catholics realized early on that that kind of thinking about babies is immoral. So throughout the centuries some people with at least a tiny shred of decency tried to come up with various ideas like limbo or simply asserted that unbaptized children still go to heaven. It’s probably one of the few areas where the church has officially admitted that they don’t know what happens.

  • Rich Wilson

    Did he tell her she could however buy an indulgence to get her baby out of purgatory?

  • Fortunately babies won’t have a clue what baptism, hell or being saved even mean. If nobody teaches them these bad habits they won’t have to grow up to judge other people on these silly benchmarks.

  • Richard P.

    When father died we received a card from my aunt, telling us she paid 500.00 to the church to get him out of purgatory.
    (background, My dad was a dick and left my mother owing around 130,000.00 and he had spent all the savings.)

    So I sent the card back telling them 500.00 was not near enough and thanks for caring more about the dead than the living.
    We didn’t even get a Christmas card from them after that.

  • Ah, the classic “Christian” thing to do, make up a rule. It’s easier that way isn’t it?

  • dauntless

    David must pay you, considering how often you link to his site.

  • Peter Mahoney

    I was at a Catholic baptism not long ago and I was amazed at how whole-heartedly the priest was saying that this (magic water) would remove original sin (I was thinking, “OK, so instead of accepting the baby as being perfect just the way she was born, you REALLY believe that this beautiful, innocent baby was born somehow tainted/evil, due to some ancient mythical Adam and Eve eating a fruit from a talking snake? Really? And magic water mumbo jumbo makes that all better? Really??”)

    The priest was also rejoicing in the idea that this child would grow up to “fear God”, and I was thinking what a sadistic, twisted, f-‘d up idea.

    I think that believers should be confronted with questions as to how they explain or endorse such crazy dogma.

  • T-Rex


    Nothing like attending a service/wedding/baptism to renew your lack of faith, eh? Honestly, all “houses of superstition” now officially creep me out. When I do have to attend one of these rituals, I have the hardest time not shouting out to the man in charge, “Bull shit! You don’t even believe the crap you’re spewing!”. The stupid hurts when you’re that close to it.

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