Countdown to Backpedaling May 14, 2011

Countdown to Backpedaling

The people behind the Ask An Atheist show have a nice little “countdown to the Rapture” at a website called

The site’s URL is a response to Family Radio’s

Ask An Atheist also has an awesome party planned for the night if the Rapture… you know, just for those of you Left Behind and near the Tacoma, Washington area.

So what’s everyone else doing that night, Saturday, May 21st?

(via Seattlepi)

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  • Zach

    I’ll be in Vegas, baby! I can’t wait. Hopefully there will be street preachers I can make fun of.

  • Quark

    Probably going to watch A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It only seems appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    This depressing exchange was posted to Reddit Atheism. I can only hold out hope that it isn’t real. Plan to euthanize pets:
    Fuck you, Harold Camping.

  • gwen

    I will be partying at the Bay Area RAM, to celebrate!!

  • DeCarabas

    Any Boston atheists tearing it up the night before?

  • Thorarin

    I am close enough to make it to Tacoma if I didn’t have to work that night. I just hope no one is raptured in my drive-thru or it will throw off my speed of service times something fierce.

  • Yui

    I’m going to post everywhere I can that the Rapture did happen, only it was Jainists who were taken up and attained siddha.

    Or I’ll just have myself a Fudgecicle.

    Mmmmm… Fudgecicles…

  • HappyGrandpa

    Some of us “heathens” are having a “Left Behind” barbeque on the 22nd. I’ve been thinking of getting a child’s wading pool and filling it with something so it would represent the “Lake of Fire.”

  • Hazor

    I’m going to watch Doctor Who as soon as I get home from work, then I’ll go to bed.

    It should be a pleasant night.

  • Shaggy

    LOL. Christian Mingle was the ad at the top of this page.

  • Amy

    Our monthly Costco run falls on that day. Hey, if the SHTF, what better place to be than Costco? We’ll have all of our needs met: food, tents, massage tables, giant packs of TP, snack food, coffins. The Baltimore Costco is a surreal place ordinarily, and can only get weirder and more John Waters-like if the rapture hits.

    I told my husband we’ll need to go to Costco on 12/21/2012 too 🙂

    (in all seriousness though, really angry about that pet post above.)

  • I’ll be in Portland, ME, selling comic books.

    I would look forward to a rapture! I’d welcome the additional elbow room, and although I’m no survivalist, I might have some post-apocalyptic fantasies floating around my brain. It would be a nice early birthday present to wake up and find that some of my neighbors were missing. And the traffic this summer would be much more manageable.

  • Jessica

    This whole rapture thing is not even in the media here in China. LOL.

  • I am going to be looking at the John Martin Paintings of Revelations…because they are amazing and large – and because of the irony factor that people actually believe that what is painted is happening right now.

    – They are a Free Exibit in the Laing Gallery in Newcastle, England so feel free to join me.

  • Shelly

    In Louisville, Kentucky we are meeting and bringing non-perishable foods. If the rapture occurs, we’ll have food to share with each other. If not, we’ll have a nice donation to the local non-religiously affiliated food bank.

  • Allow me to pimp my own stuff by linking to the Countdown to Backpedaling widget, for convenient embedding in web site sidebars and such.

  • April

    How cool would it be if a rapture DID occur? I’d love to be “left behind” without all the Christians in the world. Honestly, life would be so much less contentious.

  • Harker

    Which time zone will it take place in? I’m in Japan which is twelve hours ahead of U.S. eastern time. If the world ends here on the 21st then that actually means the 22nd for America. If it takes place during eastern time then that means the world will have already ended for me the day before. Ugh. This End Time stuff is so hard to understand!

  • Toni

    I have big plans for “Judgment Day.” I’m going to be at ACEN, a very large anime convention in Chicago.

  • Kristina

    The 22nd is my second 29th birthday… uh, yeah, that’s it… so I’m going to be partying anyway, rapture be damned 😉

  • MelissaL

    I will be drinking. But not in connection with that date, per se. We’re attending a local beer festival. 🙂

  • Steve

    Anonymous, just read that sickening exchange, kill innocent animals just to satisfy their own perverse beliefs?!! If they want to go to heaven, I’d gladly help these nutters on their way with a twelve bore shotgun!!! Anyway, I’d love to see their pathetic faces when they find out they’ve been lied to……again!!! As I keep reiterating, thankful I live in the somewhat sane UK!!!!

    Enjoy the party!!!

  • mavitygirl

    I’m hosting a Rapture Party 🙂

    We are having a potluck BBQ, but I like the post above about bringing canned foods to use in case of Apocalypse….or donate.

    **I just modified the evite asking for canned food donations for our local county-sponsored food share. Thanks for the idea.

  • Amy

    We were just out and saw one of those billboards. I don’t know why, but I was shocked.

  • Happy birthday to you too, Kristina!

  • I’ll be preparing to launch my skeptical superhero website, 🙂

  • captsam

    don’t you the rapture happened ages and ages ago this is the left behind why do you think the so called christians are such jerks…..

  • captsam

    sorry i left out the word know after don’t you, and i can’t figure how to work the edit

  • Chris

    Jessica, mother of Christopher?

  • Kate

    Next Saturday evening? I’ll be graduating from high school. But hey, if the rapture happens the ceremony won’t be nearly as long. 😀

  • Kristen

    I just moved to Fort Worth. I’m sure there’s tons going on, but I’m not in the loop yet (just have family here, very religious). Anything going on around here?

    p.s. Hey Shaggy, Nice….good eye!
    Love the time zone comment Harker

  • CanadianNihilist

    I wonder if there’s any “it’s not the end of the world” parties happening in my area on the 22nd.

  • Steve

    Incidentally, Saturday 21st is my school reunion.

  • Richard Wade

    I’ll be doing science shows for kids in of all places, Salt Lake City. I wonder if any of the 3 atheists in Utah will be doing something?

  • Stardrake

    I’ll be playing a Paladin of a non-Christian god (Torm, for my fellow D&Ders) as well as an ungodly Wizard.

    Harker: Camping says it will happen at 6 P.M. local time everywhere–a round of earthquakes around the globe, starting on the Pacific Rim. Apparently, Yahweh’s a local-time snob. No mention of how DST affects it–after all, there are some who call DST an evil fiddling with God’s anointed time.

    I know the 1890’s rail barons THOUGHT they were gods, but really….

  • Hey, Richard Wade! I lived in SLC a couple of years ago for work. I actually really liked it there and found it to be much more diverse than I thought it would be. Not as diverse as Seattle, of course, but better than I’d expected. I met quite a few atheists while I was there. You should have a good time.

    I think our party will be a good time. When I was a kid I was terrified of this rapture shit, so it will be nice to have a glass of whiskey and kick up my heels to celebrate.

  • Harker

    LOL. Thanks for clarifying Stardrake.

    And I just read on that only the rapture takes place on May 21st. The actual end of the world doesn’t happen until October 21st.

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