Rapture Relief for Camp Quest May 13, 2011

Rapture Relief for Camp Quest

The Seattle Atheists are capitalizing on Judgment Day on May 21st by holding a Rapture Relief program! All proceeds will benefit Camp Quest:

(I’m with Jenwhat a kickass logo.)

So what exactly is “Rapture Relief“?

On the off chance that they are completely wrong, Jesus doesn’t come back, and life continues as normal, we will do our part to help the next generation avoid getting into this heartbreaking situation themselves.

If there is a universe left after all this, Camp Quest West, which teaches children critical thinking and science, will receive a check. Why, you ask? Because when children know how to think for themselves, they don’t get taken in by every terrible idea that comes across their desk.

So make a donation for the kids!

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  • Larry Meredith

    Parents who would fall for this rapture thing aren’t likely to send their kids to Camp Quest are they?

  • Brian

    I worry about how many of these people will commit suicide or worse yet, murder/suicide when they “missed” the rapture. The guy promoting it will probably say something like his people praying stopped it, or that he had his date wrong, again…

  • I so love the premise and website of Rapture Relief!

    Nothing like a sacharinne cute army of pretty little Pony Couriers to help us heathens to endure Armageddon in style.

    I’m all for it! I’ll start the Mexican chapter immediately!

    Cheers from the Hippo who secretely loves ponies!

  • sven

    Kick-ass logo!

  • On the off chance that they are completely wrong…

    Using the phrase “on the off chance” gives the impression that it is more likely that they (the rapturists) will be right about the rapture. I’m sure we agree that it will be proven false, so I would have suggested phrasing the statement differently.

    Current phrasing allows it to seem like a backup or second resort, whereas less accommodating phrasing would have represented it as a safety net.

  • Jonas

    I can’t help thinking back to the “Heaven’s Gate” Cult several years back, that all commited suicide to catch a ride on the Hale Bopp comet.

    Back then it was a surprise when it happened, not forshadowed. – Today with the Internet, and Billboard campains I wonder what the ‘Christians’ promoting this will do when nothing happens the 21st.

    As to the logo – to me it says don’t just believe anything in the name of religion, and with the red cross — turn this sillyness into something positive.

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