No Atheists Left Hugless! May 11, 2011

No Atheists Left Hugless!

June 3rd is the first Friday in June and you know what that means: It’s “Hug An Atheist Day“!

But you already knew that… right? Right.

Here’s the basic information:

1. Find an atheist, agnostic, ignostic, nontheist, antitheist, antireligionist, apatheist, secular humanist, skeptic, misotheist, dystheist, structuralist, freethinker, naturalistic pantheist, absurdist, deist, therevada buddhist, nihiilst, marxist, pastafarian, spagnostic, existentialist, or anyone else who doubts the existence of a god.

2. Run up to that nonbeliever, and give him/her a gigantic hug!

Simple. Easy. Anyone can do it. And, unlike Christians, we don’t do any of that Side Hug shit. We atheists full-on embrace each other.

While we’re on the love fest, I think all the commenters on this thread should offer a *big* hug to the commenter above them 🙂 Spread the wealth. Someone just needs to get us started…

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  • Steve

    What the hell is Marxism doing in that list? That’s an economic and political ideology. Atheism is incidental at best in that system

  • JT

    Because Marxists need hugs too!

    *Hugs Steve/awkward group hug with the people who get between us because I took too long writing this*

  • SlipperyWhenWet

    That’s my birthday 😀

  • geralyn mott

    consider this an early hug:
    {{Hemant Mehta}}


  • AC

    Please tell me that video is a parody. “Side hugs”? Seriously?

    I assume the Marxist inclusion is a reference to dialectical materialism?

    Also, *hugs all upwards, because I failed the first time*

  • geralyn mott

    I created an event on my FB page cause I want a LOT of hugs from my delusional friends that day!!! 😀

  • Hugs to AC (and Geralyn who snuck in there after I posted the comment XD)! *hugs*

    Wonder if it’d be too soon to come out to my family if I had that on a t-shirt.

  • Also, that sounds like a great idea Geralyn 😀

  • Drew M.

    And, unlike Christians, we don’t do any of that Side Hug shit. We atheists full-on embrace each other.

    It’s true. Atheists give great hug.

  • Oh, I’m so in on this

    {hugs everyone up there ^}

  • JJR

    As a Marxian-leaning atheist, I do think the above list should also have included objectivists, to be fair. Atheism is probably the only thing I agree with Ayn Rand about.

  • Ryan

    I absolutely love the line “We atheists full-on embrace each other.” It’s just perfect. And I would like to offer JJR (and anyone else) a full-on embrace if so desired.

  • Drew M.

    I can’t read. Here’s my late hug to Leila and my not-so-late hug to JJR.

  • DaveS

    eHugs to Hemant and Drew M. !! Inappropriate pelvic thrusting or rubbing WILL cost you extra tho! 🙂

    Great idea! Hugs for everyone!!!

  • cat

    Well, there certainly are some religious marxists, but they are a rather discrete minority (of marxists) and are predominantly Jewish. Existentialists, on the other hand, are by and large devout theists, with some exceptions that lean towards deism/new agey stuff, and a rare atheist.

    PS, I am an aspie and I do not like surprise physical contact. Please give warning and ask permission before any touching.

  • Markus

    Can’t wait! The problem is atheists are hard to find in this country 🙁 I grew up in Eastern Germany, by far most of us were atheists. Moving to the US was like a trip back in time in this regard, and this experience made me the antitheist that I am.


  • Hug an Atheist Day. That sure is positive. Hard to knock that. Cool. 🙂

  • CanadianNihilist

    I was surprised to see nihilist in that list. Generally we’re disliked even among atheists.
    And fundies try to scare non-believers by saying that it’s only a matter of time until your atheism leads you to complete nihilism.

  • Larry Meredith

    *Hugs fellow Canadian above*

    If you reject all moral principals, does that mean I can cop a feel too?

  • CanadianNihilist

    I don’t see why not.

  • Richard Wade

    I’m well known for my hugs. You feel very hugged. Not just squeezed, but embraced heart-to-heart. So here’s one each for:

    Hemant, Steve, JT, SlipperyWhenWet, geralyn mott, AC, Leila, Drew M, Mrs. Chili, JJR, Ryan, DaveS, cat (with permission), WMDKitty, Joe Zamecki, CanadianNihilist, Larry Meredith, and everyone who comes after me.

    Consider this a hug I.O.U., redeemable if ever we actually meet. Remind me, and it’s yours. 🙂

  • Richard P.

    I don’t mean to be a pooper to the party…

    Awhile ago I was reading a report on the unexplained increase in the spread of bed bug problems. One grouped had done a study an found a correlation of the spread of the bugs and the occurrences of the people that give free hugs.

    This is a major problem and even tho I am all for hugs. Be cautious. The little buggers can be sneaky little hitch hikers.

  • I absolutely detest being hugged.

  • Jeanette

    Awwww 🙂

    Hugs for everyone above (except the people who don’t like hugs)!

  • Jamie

    Um, why are deists included in the list?

  • @Richard — *squee* Big hugs are the best! Right up there with kitty snuggles!

  • LIz

    *hugs* for all!

    I am going to attack my husband with hugs on this day. And my son, because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe in anything but Mom at this point =]

  • Shawn

    Uh, I don’t recall agreeing to this.

    //not a hugger

  • Hugging strangers is not the thing for an Englishman to do, We’ve got a reputation for stiff upper lippery and quiet reserve to maintain, don’t you know.

    Well, as long as nobody is looking, I suppose it would be alright and I really am quite cuddly. Also as it is atheists we get to exclude all those horribly crass religious people. Which is nice.

  • Yay! Hugs! 😀

    *hugs to everyone who wants them!*


    I don’t think atheists dislike anyone who doesn’t deserve to be disliked.


    High-five then? o/

  • Larry Meredith

    I could see atheists disliking nihilists. A lot of us, especially the activists, fight to show everyone that we are just as, if not more moral than religious people. That our principals are based on humanism and science. Then you have nihilists, who are atheists without any moral values or social principals. They kinda deteriorate our message.

    But Nihilists are fun. you can joke about or suggest anything to them. They never get offended because they have no moral line to cross.

  • Traziness

    Love it!
    {HUGS} to all the huggers, {SHOULDER TAP} for the others! 😀
    P.S. That side hug video was yet another reason to be thankful for being an atheist. Complete nonsense!!

  • Alice

    Hugs and/or high-fives to anyone who wants one. Personal-contact agnostics excepted, of course 😉

  • siveambrai

    While I generally support hugging please make sure to alert the atheist you are about to hug first. People who are not close to me coming up to hug me are likely to get punches, particularly if I’m not expecting it 🙂

    I don’t think that will help our friendly welcoming persona.

  • *unprovoked and sudden chili stained wifebeater and sweatpants hug for siveambrai*

    I keep these items of apparel around for just such occaisions. No one be praised!

  • No, they don’t. Marxists don’t need hugs. They need to be beaten with large, dusty Nerf floaters, until they join the modern world. Yes, living under Marxism makes one dislike Marxists.

  • dc

    I hug you one, I hug you all! (Minus the objectors)

  • OregoniAn

    Well, I hugged my wife of 23 years last night, as well as our youngest daughter – that’s two fine atheists taken care of. So I gladly extend a further round to all of you! (Minus Jude and Shawn ~ must be respectful of our differences while appreciating what we share in common.)

    Hoverfrog, I made sure no one was looking. Never hugged an English pirate before – you need to be more careful with that hook on the end of your arm!

  • Jen

    That’s my birthday too!

  • OP Atheist

    *Opens arms as wide as possible and hugs the living crap out of all 40 or so people who have already commented(especially the hot

  • Celeste

    OMG! That’s my wedding anniversary! Can’t wait to tell my hubby….. although, we hug each other a lot on that day anyway.

  • Chrissy

    Add me to the “I Hate Hugs” team, haha…

  • psychodiva

    Hugs to Chrissy anyways 😛

    does my daughter count ?

  • ChrisH

    I’m not too keen on hugs, but I’m not adverse to a blowjob in the parking lot.


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