Last Call for Mo’ Muhammads May 9, 2011

Last Call for Mo’ Muhammads

I’m getting a lot of fantastic Muhammad drawings for next week’s Draw Muhammad Day sequel 🙂 But I want more! We have to find a way to top last year.

What’s a good drawing? Anything. Draw a stick figures, draw some beautiful art, draw a cartoon, draw something offensive or non-offensive (though I’d prefer the latter). Be creative and funny and thought-provoking and witty.

You can send your drawings to me when you’re done. Your anonymity will be protected unless you tell me otherwise.

Thanks again!

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  • I did a variety of Where is Muhammad? (ala Where is Waldo?) pictures last year. I can’t do a repeat of last year’s gags – it’s not like I’m Larry David recycling material.

  • Annie


    Look for the book, Where’s Wallace. It predates Where’s Waldo by many years, and is so much better. Very clever, but you won’t go blind looking.

    (My apologies for going off-topic).

  • Sure! I’ll not only draw Muhammad, I’ll make a video of me doing the drawing. Not too offensive, in taste, but for sure, it’ll be blasphemous. 🙂

  • I take it you want these drawings by the end of this week? By 5/13? I’ll see what I can come up with! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and posts!

    (Hemant says: by the end of this week would be great!)

  • Creative minds are at work! I can’t wait to see the results.
    BTW, are any of the artists getting fatwahs on their asses?

  • Here’s the video of me drawing Muhammad:

    I used a special canvas. 🙂
    Joe Zamecki

  • Dan

    “draw something offensive or non-offensive (though I’d prefer the latter)”

    But to those crazy Muslims… the act of drawing Mohammed is offensive in and of itself. It doesn’t matter what you draw him as, doesn’t matter what he’s doing.

  • Patrik

    Joe Z, that was awesome! Thumbed up and favorited. Very creative. 😀

  • Send you my drawings, are you kidding Hemant? I’m thinking of making a picture of Muhammad out of burning Qurans. And the next day after that is the End of the World! That’s going to be a fun week. I hope everyone here already has an invitation to a local end of the world party. The one in San Diego is going to be killer.

  • cbc

    Working on one now…thanks for taking this stand. It really bothers me when religious people think they get to apply their rules to us heathens.

  • Larry Meredith

    anyone else notice that Draw Muhammad day is the day right before the May 21st rapture?

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