Is He Your Friend, Too? May 8, 2011

Is He Your Friend, Too?

An oldie but a goodie:

Your ears cannot unhear that.

You’re welcome.

(Thanks to Liz for the link!)

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  • Don Rose

    Funny, but there’s something fun about this song.

  • Alice

    Oh no, you’re not tricking me into clicking that.

  • Classic. A former housemate and I used to do basically the equivalent of Rick-rolling people with this song.

  • Way to block the drummer, lead-singer douche. Maybe he was the token non-Christian.

  • GigiAUT

    It’s actually a catchy tune 😛

    If it wasn’t about Jesus, I’d actually enjoy it a lot more than I already do.

  • Man, I love a got satire song.

    That’s not satire? Ha ha ha, nice try. It HAS to be.

  • mthrnite

    That’s Danny Elfman in a rubber mask.

  • Andrew

    I think someone unplugged the guitarist before the recording…

  • Exclusive interview with the bass player / lead singer about the whole Sonseed story is here:

    Some great stuff. He’s pretty well aware of what the song is, and he loves the resurgence of popularity even though it’s tongue in cheek.

  • Zap!

  • NotYou007


  • Liz

    Glad I could contribute. 😀

  • The intro reminded me of Madness… but thats pretty much it.

  • JustSayin’

    They did this song on Glee or some other show I saw recently. Anyone else see it?

  • Oh wow, this is HILARIOUS. Damn catchy tune too.

  • bigjohn756

    I might have watched it but for the fact that I am already pissed off. An old classmate of mine just sent me a link to a video claiming that that the Fibonacci series reveals the fingerprint of God. He wanted my opinion:) My reply was short and sweet; “Bulls**t!!”. I hope he asks for me to expand on that.

  • Aaron F

    They play this on the Evidence for Faith podcast which has had some cross overs with the Irreligiosophy podcast and it creeps me out every time it comes on.

  • DocShinobi

    Now, Danny. Show us on the doll exactly where Jesus touched you.

    Just another sterling example of how terrible gospel groups are at writing lyrics. I could have done better in 5 minutes and I am in no way musically talented.

    Also, I believe that all these gospel songs have basically the same message (Jesus is my friend; for example) because they are trying to convince themselves of what they are most insecure about. If I tell myself Jesus loves me enough, It will become true!

  • Drew M.

    I have this song on my YouTube favorites list.

    It’s catchy and fun. 🙂

  • Percival

    This has got to be one of my all time favs. So much so that I converted it to Mp3 and put it in my iPod. It’ll make for a fun campfire song this summer and nicely compliment this .

  • Chris aka “Happy Cat”

    The Manson remake is in the related videos column on Youtube. Much kinder on the ears.

  • Annie

    The third verse makes Jesus sound like a creepy stalker…

  • Eris

    I may not be able to unhear that song, but there is one Jesus song that is just alright with me.

  • Trace

    The Wiggles?

  • Alex

    One of the few songs not even Glee was able to save.

  • I’m actually going to try and do an “I can’t believe he actually did that” cover of this song for my band’s next EP 😀 I wanted to put it on the one we just got out, but there wasn’t enough time….

  • TheRealistMom/Spamamander

    Ok that’s it. I’m gonna go donate to Team PZ now. Evil!

  • Dan W

    Strangely catchy tune, though I still find it unlikely that Jesus ever existed. Here’s a more atheistic song that I find pretty catchy:

  • There’s a censored version of that song which makes is hilarious.

  • Nick Andrew

    “He taught me how to turn my cheek when people laugh at me.”

    Does that happen much?

    Seriously though, it’s not as bad as the video PZ posted the other day of pyjama-boy singing “God’s doing a new thang”.

  • mark

    Now I have to destroy all my Specials and Selector CD’s

  • Hugh Kramer

    I’ve heard there’s another version sung by Satan: “Jesus is my fiend.”

  • Melle

    UGH! Now, I’ll have that damned tune in my head all day!

  • CanadianNihilist

    There is no way I’m clicking that.

  • greg robertson

    I want to hear the dub-step version!

  • ATL-Apostate

    kind of has a nice ska feel to it.

    then he starts talking about how Jesus touched him “down inside.”

    Bad touch, Jesus. Not cool.

  • Mortimer B. Jones

    I officially hate you for posting this. If it’s still stuck in my head on shift tomorrow, I will hunt you down.

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