South African Pastor Who Molested Women Arrested May 7, 2011

South African Pastor Who Molested Women Arrested

Remember that Christian pastor from The Incredible Happenings Ministry in South Africa? The one who used a “demon banishing” service as an excuse to molest and abuse young women?

You’ll be happy to know Paseka Motsoeneng (a.k.a. “Mboro” or “Mbhoro”) was recently arrested, albeit not for the obvious reasons:

Mbhoro spent a night in a freezing Bedfordview police holding cell on the eve of Freedom Day this week after he was arrested with his bodyguards, who were all carrying unlicensed firearms.

He was released on bail on Wednesday morning. Following his release, Mbhoro spoke on Radio 2000 and lied.

He claimed that he is being “persecuted” by unidentified people and claimed he was “attacked” the previous night.

Mbhoro was probably not aware when he told this lie that Sunday World already knew that he’d spent a night in detention.

Sources from a security agency that has been probing Mbhoro say the self-styled prophet’s bodyguards are a matter of great concern.

“How did he get to have more than five bodyguards? Owning at least five bodyguards is akin to owning a private army.

“Procedurally, a person with at least five bodyguards should first seek permission from the security services,” he says.

The whole story seems shady and Motsoeneng is already back out on the streets. But at least people are onto him. People are even catching on to his day job — conning desperate, gullible people out of their money… and molesting women when he can:

The agents also say they discovered during their investigations that Mbhoro allegedly paid a school teacher to fake his illness on camera.

Surprise, surprise. Faith healing doesn’t work. If you need medical help, go see a doctor.

(Thanks to @JulienLynn for the link)

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  • Another Steve

    South Africa easily has the most rapes of any country in the world. Rape is an outright epidemic there. It’s not the least bit surprising that he isn’t prosecuted for it.

    Really a shame because the country also has the most progressive and inclusive constitution.

  • What? When I read the first story about Paseka Motsoeneng, I assumed that he was already brought to face justice. This piece of shit is still free to cheat and abuse innocent people?!

  • Nordog

    Let us hope that justice is done and the innocent are protected.

  • Richard Wade

    More than five bodyguards for a man of God. In his case, I’m not surprised. There are probably many girl’s fathers who’d like to take a machete to him.

  • CanadianNihilist

    So he’s free to keep doing whatever he wants. Who is surprised, really.
    I’m sure all his followers will say everything he’s accused of are lies spread by the unbelievers.

  • Richard P.

    So he’s the Benny Hinn of Africa. Well bennies alive and flourishing in the US, and he’s been proven a fake. Why should people in Africa be any less gullible.

    One thing chistianity does well is to program there believers into “Trust not in your own understanding.”. I can remember justifying things as a christian and feeling like I was dying inside. To bad were so poor at learning from others mistakes.

  • Matt H

    Why does he need bodyguards? I thought God protected “his own”, and what about that “turn the other cheek” stuff.

  • This guy, again?

    They arrested him for… but then… and now he’s back out, and what the flying fuck were they thinking?

  • Tumelo also @Krishaan13

    I know I certainly would like to take a machete to his lying, cheating, woman molesting ass!
    It’s this kind of monster who we allow to run around deluding our societies that’s causing the continued fallacy that thinking for yourself is a bad thing!
    I hope our laws at least manage to put him away!

  • Tumelorichardtheka

    A man of God doesn’t need a bodygurd, something fishy is happening here and for that matter at least five bodygurds to look after a Pastor , a man of God? even in the Bible I never found or read about that……

  • Ndivhuwo

    He dsv to rot in jail

  • Koketsosenamo

    A man of god dont need body guard hey, where is your believe Pastor your nails im not judging just saying.

  • Modisethabang

    i like what you are saying coz this man is not known wether he’s fake or real coz he falls on two verses of the bible saying “many false phrophets will arise and decieve many” and also “they will hand you over to prosecution, and kill you. you will be hated by all nations because of my name so i dont know were she falls

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