Operation Crush PZ: Round 2 May 1, 2011

Operation Crush PZ: Round 2

Ok, ok, so PZ won round one of the Camp Quest fundraiser. He raised $5,000 via his site faster than all us other bloggers combined.

But the joke’s on him. The contest isn’t over yet!

The *ahem* REVISED contest is: Whichever side raises the most money by June 1st wins!

So help us out! We’re the underdogs! And you’re giving money to a fantastic organization 🙂

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  • Vanessa

    Gave as much as I could afford. Good luck!

  • Militant Maggie

    I’m a poor college student, but I managed 5 bucks. Do you know how many instant ramen that is? But so worth it. I love PZ, but kick is beardly zoologist ass!

  • Adam

    You may be behind, but keep your chin up!

    Round three goes to the team with the most members.

  • DigitalCosmos

    Moving the goal posts! Five dollar penalty!

    (This ref is kicking his 5$ to you guys though, PZ is one tough linebacker and the underdogs need all the help they can get)

  • If you put up a load of meaningless polls – that’ll keep them distracted, while you sneak over the finish line.

  • Joel

    I’m giving money to both since I read both blogs habitually and Camp Quest is such an amazing thing. I’ll chip in an extra fiver for you though!

  • Jon D

    If I may suggest something.. shouldnt this be on the sidebar? Its slipped down onto page 2 and it took a fair bit of scrolling to find it
    Good work on the collection so far though!

  • smittypap

    It’s really going to be hard to crush PZ when you don’t keep this up on the first page!!

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