How Can Anyone Still Be a Creationist? April 30, 2011

How Can Anyone Still Be a Creationist?

Jessica Hagy explains how religious people cling to their faith no matter how much evidence there is against the existence of a god.

Ok, that may not have been the intended interpretation, but it still works!

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  • what can one do? proof against a conspiracy is proof of attempted cover-up of a conspiracy. no proof of conspiracy is proof of a well-hidden conspiracy.

  • Jon Peterson


  • elricthemad

    This applies to many ludicrous notions, but in the current climate first brings to mind the “birthers.” What a bunch of maroons. I am not a huge Obama fan, but i accept he was born in Hawaii. John McCain on the other hand was not born in the US, but i digress.

  • OP Atheist

    wow, I loled so hard. this was me two years ago. Now reason and logic guide my life, not a book of mythology.

  • Luther

    Calling someone a Conspiracy Theorist also can take attention away from the real issues, just like calling someone a communist or fascist.

    Yes, Obama was born in Hawaii. But also there has never been a complete investigation of 911, especially building 7.

    So, one could do a similar graph showing the more resistance there is to an investigation, the more likely there is something to hide, and the more accusations of Conspiracy Theorist will be heard.

  • Lookie! A 9/11 conspiracy theorist!

    Here ya go, little fella,

  • Richard P.

    Oh Luther, There is this this thing called the net that offers a diverse amount of information. I am positive that if you choose to look you will find building 7 and a lot of the other questions have an adequate answers. You have to understand, if you don’t accept the answers, then no amount of answers will help you.

    How about this, instead of arguing about the official explanation, come up with your own explanation and present verifiable evidence it is true. Before you start spouting off crap about lack of explanations as evidence of conspiracy, come up with some evidence there actually was a plot. You see, lack of evidence is not proof of a conspiracy. I realize this is a hard concept to accept. I suggest turning it into a mantra to help.

    Here let me start you off on your journey.

    Oh god, there’s a few wasted moments I will never get back. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Learn from mine.

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