Christians Are Much Nicer Now… April 30, 2011

Christians Are Much Nicer Now…

Since they no longer kill people they find immoral, we ought to describe Christians as “loving” and “full of grace,” got that?

To paraphrase a commenter on David Hayward‘s site, we’ve gone from putting gay people out of their misery to keeping them in misery.

It’s not that much of a leap forward.

(via nakedpastor)

While we’re on the subject, the gay rights group Noise has put this hilarious poster on public transportation all across Dublin, Ireland:

(Thanks to Liam for the link!)

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  • Zac

    Loving that “Jesus had Two Dads” poster. I’m surprised that angle hasn’t been used before.

  • Steve

    That is brilliant, in Dublin of all places, hope the Catholic church chokes on it!!!

  • Ooh, love the Noise poster! I haven’t seen any in real life yet, but will be sure to send you lot over some pics of them in action if I do.
    But Steve, c’mon now, Dublin isn’t exactly a bastion of religiosity. Not saying that I don’t look forward to a bit of aghast splutterings from the more humour-deficient religious types (David Quinn, I’m lookin’ at you), but I’d say the vast majority of Dubliners’ll take the posters tongue firmly in cheek.

    ..Although I’m not sure if “dead at 33 after leaving his mum and the family business to create a cult” counts as ‘just fine’. But hey, YMMV.

  • OH MY.
    I just checked out LGBT Noise to see how their poster campaign was going, in case I could find out details on where a person could expect to see some very lovely posters.
    Turns out that that poster up above isn’t Noise’s poster after all. In fact, it just seems to be.. something some DeviantArt user made up, which I guess the Clerical Whispers blog just searched for under ‘Jesus Has Two Dads’?
    Anyway, I tell you all of this mainly so I can show you all Noise’s real poster campaign, which is far more awesome, and which just so happens to advertise this year’s March for Marriage. Which, you know, if you’re anywhere near Dublin you should totally be at. On August 14th. Pluggity plug plug!

  • TychaBrahe

    Obviously the cartoonist hasn’t heard of the campaign by American anti-gay groups to convince Uganda to make being gay a capital crime.

    The Family is one of the most heinous things coming out of the US, and the fact that they have the ear of many conservative politicians in Washington is frightening.

  • Cortex

    I get what they’re getting at, but…

    Jesus turned out to be a cult leader, lifelong virgin, and executed convict.

  • Matto the Hun

    Hitchens makes the point best when he points out that religion, more especially Christianity, has been forced to give so much ground and that’s why the religion by and large is “nicer” now.

    But we should never forget how they behaved when they were in power and proclaimed God was on their side.

  • Steve

    If you believe in the trinity, Jesus was his own dad

  • Miko

    To paraphrase a commenter on David Hayward‘s site, we’ve gone from putting gay people out of their misery to keeping them in misery.

    It’s not that much of a leap forward.

    I disagree. It may not be ideal, but if that were what was really happening, it would be a huge leap forward.

    If someone kills you, you’re out of luck. If someone ostracizes you, you can ostracize them right back. It may not be ideal, but I’m pretty sure gays prefer a world where they can move to The Castro and be (to some extent) free of the bigots to a world where people kill them by throwing rocks.

    The main problem we have is that the fundamentalist Christian attitude towards gays is not just one of ostracism. Rather, they focus most of their efforts on anti-gay political action. To achieve real diversity, we need to wither away the state.

  • CanadianNihilist

    I wonder if that jesus one would sell well if put on a shirt.

  • Hugh

    “A new poll has found that 73 percent of people in Ireland are in favor of gay marriage, the highest number ever.” [Link]

  • Excellent post and awesome cartoon. The fact that one pastor is putting this issue out there is indicative of something positive happening. Of course David isn’t alone in acknowledging that Christians can and should be accepting of gays and that’s a good thing. Accept and encourage whatever good we can find, even in those who we disagree with in regards to the existence of gods.
    Better for us to concentrate on what we all have in common than to continually focus on our differences. I’m happy that Hemant continues to do exactly that.

  • I’ve seen “Jesus had two dads” mentioned several times before. As an Irish campaign, they might get more traction pointing out that Fionn mac Cumhaill has two mothers. It’s more accurate, as Finn was actually raised by two women. (One protected him in later life by floating over a battle on a millstone and firing down poisoned darts on his enemies. Having a druid as a foster-mother is handy.)


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