You Could Also Hit Them with Richard Dawkins April 29, 2011

You Could Also Hit Them with Richard Dawkins

Stand-up comedian (and atheist) Keith Lowell Jensen is about to release his latest CD “Cats Made of Rabbits.” He was nice enough to provide me with this exclusive clip from the DVD of the show in which he talks about “The Penis Argument Against Creationism” (some NSFW language):

Keith needs to raise money for the actual printing costs of the CD/DVD and there’s a week left on the fundraising drive at Kickstarter. For $15, you can get the CD. For $25, you can get the DVD. And for $500, Keith, “who does not drink, will take one belt of a nice, high quality scotch on camera while thanking you on youtube.”

Everyone wins!

So if you support atheist comedians, here’s one way to keep a good one going 🙂

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  • You had me up to the point where you said he doesn’t drink. Everyone knows all atheists drink, fuck, smoke drugs, and genuinely murder all day and night, so obviously, this is a fake.

    It’s a FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! /vreenak

    (double internets to people who get the reference)

  • mouse

    Kieth is a real life homie of mine (we’ve done some theatre and film work together). You pretty much just made my day.

  • Steve

    lol @ “snakes: two penises and no hands”

    Insects have the most variety of penises. In fact the way beetles are distinguished is solely by their genitalia. There are books entirely filled with pictures and diagrams of beetle penises and some people do nothing but stare at beetle penises all day.
    The reason isn’t to impress females though. It’s to prevent interbreeding between different beetles.

  • For every interesting penis there is an interesting hole.

  • KLJ

    Jeff P.,
    Exactly the topic of the NEXT track on the album. 😀

  • Stells

    48% of Americans believe in creationism and a further 38% believe in intelligent design which leaves a very, very small percentage of Americans……….who are right. This is funny

  • Lizzy

    Am I the only one who only found this guy marginally funny? His delivery is not very impressive.

  • Dave!

    Yeah he wasn’t that funny.

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